Not so inspiring

Well, not so inspiring was my first feeling today about two things I heard. I visited a business partner of mine today and he told me his father was in bad shape after a stroke. And being Filipino he is spending all his time right now with his father as it seems he is the only one his father recognizes and accepts. And no real hope for recovery, as the family has no money for needed transplants and mentally his father is also not OK, which is probably permanent.

Today I also connected with a childhood friend and one of the first things she told me she had become a widow this year. Through illness of her husband. So you can imagine I just put ‘not so inspiring’ as the name of this post.

Also I didn’t get any response to my latest e-mail to my team. I was suggesting a date for my sample goal and just wanted them to be involved, get their approval. So my team is not yet working as it should and I’m not sure what to do next.

And business wise I still don’t know what to do. It seems I can’t create a team there also. And I’m not sure what to do with some customer requests. So again, I don’t really feel inspired or feel like inspiring you, putting some positive thinking.

And today I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I kept thinking that whatever I did in the past or not did, the result was the same: something not working.

And it’s weird, because somehow I have a lot more self confidence. Somehow I feel like I planted many seeds. Somehow I now know more what to do, how to achieve success, or better, live a useful life.

And somehow I am very successful recently. One of my team members even said to me a while ago that I am very successful, like building this site. And somehow I do have discipline, which I thought I didn’t have. I have been making the bed every day for months now. And I have sent my daily quote for months now, every day! And I have posted two blog items every day for the last few months. So I did achieve success, I did show some discipline.

And it even seems that I am very close to achieving my definite purpose as I wrote down in my personal desire document.

And going back to what I started with, some people in situations related to sickness and death, compared to them I am so much better off as with sickness and death everything stops, while I still have all the time and opportunities to do better, to achieve what I want to achieve.

So comparing, my situation is not that bad. There is life and life means hope. Isn’t that inspiring, life and hope?

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