Plan the work and work the plan

Wow, today was some day. As I managed to achieve two important things:

  1. Create the very first initial version of the IFS Tools.
  2. Plan a very minimal goal.

And it seems I just finished both, although they were kind of combined. But this being combined was not really intentional. And I am a bit confused right now, as I don’t have a feeling of having achieved something, having achieved something big. And I wrote about that before, as it seems that these kinds of achievements, achievements that require a lot of planning and effort and work, feel like kind of an anticlimax when you finally have achieved them. As I actually just feel tired right now, and even a bit confused. And that’s also what I often see when people achieve an important sports goal, like winning a race. When climbing the, well, whatever the name of the thing is they’re climbing on, they look also mostly just tired, or indeed, maybe also confused. As what I am seeing and experiencing more is that achieving something big just goes in small steps. And I wanted to write today’s post about how I planned for today to achieve a goal, as I want to learn to plan goals, not just activities. And I wanted to start small, so I chose a goal that I thought was very small, the goal of installing the first mini-version of the IFS Tools in this site. As that goal I thought was already practically reached as I had a working version on my local development system. So I planned the last steps, the last activities in detail to achieve the, I thought, very small goal for today: make sure people can register and save and update their definite purpose in But it was not as easy as I thought, as I am not yet very good with planning activities to make sure I can achieve a certain goal, a certain result. And things often take much more time and effort than I think, so also today. And I tend to deviate from the planning, just do it ‘my own way’, on the fly. But yes, as far as I know I made it. And it’s not perfect and the added value for you I guess is very limited. But I have the technical foundation now and I hope I can extend it very soon to useful tools to help you achieve success, to inspire you.

And no, I don’t feel like celebrating. But somehow I know this is a big day!

And just checking now, and it seems there is still something not okay. Not sure what to do now. Well, I did, as I didn’t reach my goal, the things I planned for today, so no option but to fix, which I did!

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