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Not much progress, time to take action

I have the feeling I did not make much progress the last few weeks and next to some other reasons I think part of the reason lies in my limiting beliefs.

And I also believe(?!) that basically everything happens because of a person’s beliefs, either conscious or subconscious, so I think it is very important to work on that.

Previous experience

A few months ago I worked on my limiting beliefs, like making a list and stating them differently and then reading them aloud regularly. I think that really worked, so I’m planning to do that again.

What also works for me is to state new things I feel insecure about in a ‘non forcing way’, something like ‘I think it may be possible that…’, then read them regularly, preferably aloud and slowly make them into the statement that is needed. I also do this with my desire document.

The above has proven to be a very effective way to deal with limiting beliefs and converting them in supporting beliefs.

So I’ll do it now in public

Yes, I believe(?!) there is only one way I can take you with me on my road to success and that is to be as open as possible. As I don’t consider myself as having achieved the success I am looking for I can imagine you may find it difficult to see me as an inspiring person for success. However, this website, this project, I guess is basically my road to success or at least one of the roads and it is about inspiring people, inspiring you for success while at the same time bringing me the success I am looking for.

Anyhow, seems like I’m just finding excuses with the paragraph above. And while writing it is really interesting what is going on inside me, because again, there are some limiting beliefs here. Something like, ‘what if I don’t achieve the success through this project, this website’,  then this whole exercise of sharing my journey would be useless. Because that is what I am trying, planning to do: share my road to success, so you will be motivated when you are down, like I often am. Reading my story, the real story, the live story, the real road. No successful person like Anthony Robbins who already made it. This morning I thought again, it is so easy to tell other people how it works when you are there already, when you did achieve the success. So maybe I am doing the right thing, describing the real road to success, the live road to success, the road that is not funny at all, the road where you’re just stuck, moving on, but no guarantee you would really get there. Oh, it’s so easy to talk from the position where you did make it already.

My current limiting beliefs

So I’ll write live now (May 1, 2013) some of the beliefs I am thinking that are limiting me at the moment, including restating them into something that would be a supporting belief:

  • I need to work hard to earn my money => Other ways than working are probably better ways to get the money I want, need and deserve.
  • I can only do so much on a day => I can do a lot of things in a day1.
  • I don’t feel the desire, the urge anymore as needed according to Think and Grow Rich so I’ll never achieve what I want => The principles of success are just guidelines based on history, based on the idea of Napoleon HIll. I can achieve anything I want my way.
  • I cannot find a Master Mind group in the location where I am2 => I can certainly find a Master Mind group and in these days it could also be a virtual group available through the internet.
  • Nobody likes my work and wants to pay for it => I am doing useful work and I deserve to be paid for it. I even deserve to receive money for things I did in the past where I was not paid.
  • It is impossible to find the people i need to build my company => It may not be easy to find people to build my company, but it is certainly possible to build the company I want with the people I think I need.
  • I need a Master Mind group in order to achieve success2 => I can also achieve success alone.
  • Paying me straight for this website (through my donate page) is impossible as ‘everybody’ tells me the (internet) world works by indirect payments, like newspapers and t.v. do => Many people have been told things could not be done and they still did it. So if I really believe in this I can make it work!
  • Finding 1 million people visiting this website is impossible as even Seth Godin only has something like 180.000 followers => There are billions of people in this world and as far as I know even billions using the internet, so 1 million people visiting this website is very well possible.
  • I don’t have focus at the moment as I am working on many different projects. Without focus it is impossible to achieve my goals or to achieve success or to be successful => As long as i believe something can be done it can be done.
  • To be continued… (and I did, without even realizing this post existed already).

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1From Think and Grow Rich: “Remember, no more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty”.
2This is a tricky one as Napoleon Hill states a Master Mind group is crucial for success.

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