Sample desire

Please note this page is called ‘sample desire’, but I am taking this desire very serious as I want to show to myself and to you that the principles of success as described by Napoleon Hill really work. So I would really need to achieve this desire of mine as described in Think and Grow Rich.

So I will also start with the six steps as descibed in Chapter 2 about Desire from the book and write the result down. And please note that while writing I can hear all the excuses in the back of my head NOT to do this, NOT to write this down here, NOT to take the risk of sharing this, NOT, and fill in whatever you would have in your mind NOT to do what I am doing now.

So yes, I will write down here, share with you that

  1. My desire is to have 1 million followers for this blog and earn at least 1 million dollars with it.
  2. That I am not sure yet what to give, as the last few weeks my whole being said something like I have given enough. I have something in my mind like continuing with this site, but I want to make it in a way that I or the site could also help you to achieve your goal or goals in life. One of the ideas is to make a section where you can just fill in the six steps and get coaching from other people.
  3. That I have determined that the date I want to have achieved this is on or before half a year from today, April 14, 2013, so on October 13, 2013comment.
  4. That I don’t have a definite plan yet, but made a start on the page sample plan. I have been putting the plan also already into action as I am writing this right now. Implicitly the plan has already been there since the beginning of this site. So I am working on the goal and the plan through this site and have created a donation page where people can donate 1 dollar to me, so the plan is kind of that the 1 million followers would give or pay me 1 dollar each in return for me writing this blog. This also relates to the second item on my list as I kind of want to give at least like to write one post every day, but I want to make it more specific and I may want to give more.
  5. That I have written down a clear concise statement as described in step 5 of the method of Napoleon Hill in chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich. You can find it here.
  6. That I do read this desire document virtually once a day every day, although I assure you that I really believe that this can be done and that somehow it is on my mind all the time.

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