Self analysis, question 8

I was a bit sick today and I still am, but somehow I decided to write and today’s question “Do you like your occupation? If not, why?” seems to be an applicable question. As most of my life I have liked the jobs I was in, but most of my life also the people I worked for didn’t seem to like the things I was doing.

This seems not to be a right answer to the question as it is kind of a yes and kind of a no. And I guess the final answer would be no, as of course I like to be appreciated for what I do, especially as most of my life I put my heart in my occupation.

And something changed also recently, as I don’t really like what I am doing at the moment, even though I like the work, but I don’t have a clear agreement about payment for my latest job which makes me postpone a lot of things. So right now I feel like being in some kind of a circle where I kind of create my own misery, as my postponing certainly won’t help to make my customer satisfied.

So well, maybe in this case some willpower would come in handy, even though the last few days I have been reading about the Law of Attraction again, which seems to say quite the opposite.

Confusing, but good to see this question today, as it will possibly help me get out of this mess.

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