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Inspiration for Success

Well, slowly I feel like starting to move again after I think weeks of relatively doing not so much. And I still don’t know what triggers these periods of activity or inactivity. Somehow it seems that there are things beyond our control, even though many ‘success‘ sites and books and maybe successful people make us believe otherwise. And no, what I am writing right now doesn’t sound like ‘inspiration’ or ‘how to achieve success’, but somehow it is reality, somehow we are different, somehow people are different. So somehow some people are not meant for ‘success‘.

And yes, of course I keep asking myself why God gave me this ambition, this drive to find success, where until now I didn’t really find it, at least not the success I was and am looking for. As somehow I have this drive, but only up to a certain point or something. It still feels like something is missing, something I don’t get, something that is still needed before I would really achieve the success I am looking for. But somehow I am also starting to believe that I am on the way now, that it is not as far as before, that I am getting closer, especially the last two years. And yes, I did learn things like being more patient and knowing the difference between being stubborn and being persistent. And I am also starting to notice that really successful people are indeed in their forties, fifties or sixties, not in their twenties or thirties, even though there are also many samples like that. But not that much, not as much as I thought, as I believed there were.

So yes, I think there is still a chance to be really successful, to have my Pajero and relationship as I want it, as I think how it should be. And have my holidays again.

So yes, let’s be patient and persistent, as that seem to be the key Principles of Success for me. Ah, yes, and self confidence, maybe even the most important. And yes, it is all in Think and Grow Rich. And yes, it takes time to understand, to realize, to experience.