The Brain

Strange to read “I am correcting errors and saw there is no page ‘brain’ or ‘the brain’ yet, where I linked to it, as it is one of the chapters in Think and Grow Rich. And I don’t have the book here, so I’m not sure what to write right now as it is not a common thing Napoleon Hill writes about the brain. One thing is for sure, our brain is much more powerful than we think and most of it we don’t see directly as most is hidden in the subsconscious mind.”, the text I am finding while thinking of writing some more useful stuff here.

I was re-reading the chapter The Brain yesterday, somehow accidentally, but I don’t believe in ‘accidents’ anymore as there were several events leading me to re-read that chapter. As a friend of mine had started using the tool for scoring yourself on each of the Success Principles. And as I asked her if she had read the book or knew about the Principles of Success she said “no, but I followed the links a provided in the page”. And that made me realize, that many of those pages don’t have enough content to provide readers, users of the tools, with enough information about the Principles of Success. So that made me feel some kind of urge to work on those pages, on the pages part of the site. And somehow what happened to me last weekend made me read the chapter about The Brain again, together with some related stuff. And the chapter is pretty short and seems to be kind of a duplicate of the chapters about Infinite Intelligence (if that’s a chapter) and the Sixth Sense. But somehow it’s not a copy. Somehow it links things together, like the brain is kind of the physical connection between conscious thinking and the subconscious mind / infinite intelligence.

And what struck me most was that indeed the brain is something like a radio station and radio receiver, as of course our brain is some kind of electrical signals processing machine. And electrical signals produce electromagnetic (radio) waves, that somehow interfere with, well, everything else.

So amazing, how everything connects together. And no, I don’t know what to write here more and I strongly urge you to buy the book Think and Grow Rich (no, no amazon link right here), even though there is also a downloadable copy in this site.

But now I want to write a little more as every time I read in Think and Grow Rich I read new things or it feels like I am reading a certain part for the first time. So today I prayed for guidance as I didn’t know anymore what to do, and somehow a short while after I picked up Think and Grow Rich and ‘accidentally’ opened it at the chapter “The Brain”. And it was amazing what I read, as it matched some other things I have been reading recently and have been working on, like that we do not control things, but can (only) influence things.  And here in the chapter “The Brain” I read similar things, that we cannot control the forces and ‘intelligence’ in e.g. things like the waves of oceans or things like gravity. And while writing I realize we can’t even control our own height and not even fully our own weight, although of course the last we can influence by doing exercise or with what we eat. And theoretically we can change our size as we could have some weird kind of surgery, but that would still be very limited.

So strange how everything is connected and separate at the same time. And still, I still believe that somehow the human mind is bigger than everything, but somehow it is also very limited.

So again, everything points to something like Infinite Intelligence, that we are part of a bigger intelligence, separate but not alone.

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