I just decided to do some paid advertising for Inspiration for Success on Facebook and it feels a bit strange, as I am kind of against advertising and I kind of decided not to put money in Inspiration for Success. But traffic is not increasing, on the contrary, a few months ago it went down quite a lot and only the last week or so it has stabilized and goes up a little bit now, but it is nowhere to what I wanted and expected when I started this site, this blog, this idea.

And I have no clue to earn from it or something, or even what the site means as it all got lost in not meeting my expectations, traffic not increasing, people not commenting and the team leaving me long time ago.

And I know I am persistent and together with the ideas from Think and Grow Rich that keeps me going, but for a long time it has been no fun anymore, where I started so enthusiastically sharing the stuff I found about inspiration and success, the Principles of Success.

Anyhow, something needs to happen and a few days ago I started paid advertising for one of my customers as I thought that would be a good way to promote his businesses, and I think I was right, as the advertisements at least produced “Like’s”, which means people are following those pages now. So well, why not do it for Inspiration for Success, and The Malasag House, so I decided to spend a little money on that just half an hour ago or so.

And it is kind of against my ideas, supporting big companies like Facebook, as they seem to have the power and earn more and more. But maybe they deserve it and maybe this works for me (and customers/interested people).

And I also want to become rich through something like Facebook, so somehow I am the same.

Anyhow, strange to do this and it was kind of an impulse, but keeping doing the things I did before doesn’t seem to work, so I have to do something else.

And Facebook works, so why not for me?

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