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I have not written here for quite a while, but I have come to start to believe that indeed, as also somehow Napoleon Hill implies, success or whatever one wants does not come through hard work; probably the contrary is true. And while updating this page now, more than a year later I guess, I think the meditation(s) I often practice have given me maybe more than all the work I did before, work that brought me prosperity at first, but that may have helped me losing myself.

So one of the things I started with really seriously are affirmations. And I realized that these affirmations really need to be mine and that they need to feel good to me and need to be believable for me. So I learned to phrase things very, very careful in some cases.

My affirmations

And as Louise Hay, who kind of made me start this now, shared her affirmations or beliefs, I will share my current affirmations here (updated June 2018) now also, included the one I consider private and rephrased a bit:

  1. I am willing to consider believing there may be such a thing as a Loving Higher Power.
  2. I am a unique and precious creation with my own desires.
  3. I am believing that money can and will flow to me in many different ways and that it will come in the right quantities and at the right time.
  4. Every hour of Coda Step work is bringing me more happiness and prosperity.
  5. Every day my world opens up more, which is confirmed by seeing more of the world through the view of “The Malasag House”.
  6. I desire more prosperity in my life. I do live in a beautiful house already and I do have enough food and many other things related to this.
  7. I desire more happiness in my life. I do have more moments of happiness recently.
  8. I desire more joy in my life.
  9. I desire Lee’s love in my life, including the sexual and romantic love. I do know he already loves me in other ways.
  10. I desire a loving Higher Power.
  11. I desire the ability to be able memorizing more.
  12. I am working around 40 hours per week in service of other people in a relaxed way. I am using the remaining time for things that give me fun and joy.
  13. I am willing of letting go of superstition.
  14. I am willing of letting go of the part of me that drives people away from me.
  15. I am willing starting considering believing there may be something willing helping me having what I desire.
  16. There are many forces in the Universe willing to help me and helping me.

And I want you to look especially at how I phrased affirmation number ??, as ‘money’, income, is a very sensitive issue for me for various reasons. So I phrased my affirmation in the most gentle and careful way I could imagine and I am pretty sure it will change over time in something stronger, but for now my trust, my faith related to income is so low that I really have to phrase this careful to make it believable to me. And I changed it already as you may see now.

Vision board

Vision Board


I saw I already have another page when updating this page with the latest version of my affirmations: my affirmations revised. That page derives from my somehow insatiable desire to keep everything, yes everything.