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Recently I have been thinking a lot of what to write here. And one of the things is that I want to write more inspirational stuff in the pages part of the site. But that is not ‘here’, the posts part of the site. And another thing is that I wanted especially the posts part of the site to be a kind of diary of my road to success using the Principles of Success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. But the last part is not that easy, as the big project I am working on includes quite some stuff I don’t want everybody to know, especially not Globe and PLDT. But maybe for some parts I will need them and somehow I am also starting to believe more and more that ‘peace’ is better than ‘war’ and that competition should be on quality and service, not price or putting the other party down.

So that is what I learned from Napoleon Hill and that is the main reason why I am taking on this challenge, that is why I think it can work. As I can compete on service, as service is the only thing a company is all about: serving people. And yes, of course shareholders need to be paid and employees need to be happy and be paid. But in the end, the only reason why companies exist is to serve customers, to provide some kind of service or product, nothing more, nothing less. And that is what the big industries seem to forget the last decade or decades or so. As recently it seems to be all about shareholders value and profit and sometimes employees.

And for long I thought it was a combination of all, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that companies are all about serving customers, nothing more, nothing less. So indeed, something like the customer is always right, always.

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