Remarks on the principles of success


This site was and is inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich and the principles of success as described in that book. Based on my experience I do have some comments and remarks that you can find here. Over time I will extend this page with more experiences and comments and remarks:

  1. Remarks on desire.
  2. Faith.
  3. Autosuggestion.
  4. (The application of) specialized knowledge.
  5. Imagination.
  6. Organized Planning
  7. Decision.
  8. Persistence.
  9. Master Mind.
  10. Sex Transmutation.
  11. The Subconscious Mind.
  12. The Brain.
  13. The Sixth Sense.
  14. Overcome indecision, doubt and fear.

Some other remarks:

  1. Quick success stories.

Just click on each of them if highlighted for my remarks. You will find them below or in separate pages.

Remarks on desire

I am starting to understand more and more about the principles of success and I am starting to understand why desire is mentioned as the first principle. I notice with myself if my desire is not burning, if i can’t connect to what i really want, nothing happens anymore, nothing seems to move. So yes, desire is the basis of all success, the basis of all achievement of humans and humanity.

So what to do if I don’t feel the desire, what to do if that what i desire seems too far away, which is actually the case why I’m writing this right now, why I started this page. What to do if fear takes over, or tiredness. In the poem or text Desiderata it is clearly stated, and this is what I’m feeling right now, especially tired, but indeed, also lonely: “Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.”: Maybe the answer is also there, because the next phrase is: “Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.”. And indeed, I guess I’m not gentle enough with myself, like it’s never enough.

And I am just re-reading the chapter about desire in the book, but can’t find any straight answer how to relight my desire. Yes, I have and had big dreams, but somehow events in my life killed the flame of desire, but then, maybe that’s exactly the reason for this site: inspiration can relight the flame of desire, and that’s what I’m exactly trying to do. So maybe before desire comes inspiration, at least if someone has lost the flame of desire.

Other things in my mind now to relight the desire might be to better define the road to what one wants, so make a better planning or to work on belief, maybe through the principle of autosuggestion.

Quick success stories

As of the moment I kind of lost the desire and I am also starting to understand why: I just had too many setbacks, so I just feel like “whatever I do, it just doesn’t seem to work, it just doesn’t matter”.

Based on this feeling I am kind of jealous of people who appear to have achieved success quite early in life. Two people I am thinking about in this respect are Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio. They seem to be fully opposite to the phrase in the chapter Desire in Think and Grow Rich:

Remember that all who succeed in life get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they “arrive”.

On the surface it appears they went at least very fast, maybe not as easy as it appears. Especially the Justin Bieber story amazes me as i think he started becoming famous when he was fourteen years old or something. But maybe it was someone else’s dream. In my mind is that his mother wanted this.

So yes, I do know they had some inspiring and/or supporting people around. And that’s exactly the thing I missed and why I started this site: to inspire other people who don’t have an inspiring environment.

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