Self analysis, question 42

I still feel very stressed so it seems that my journey of working from Think and Grow Rich didn’t deliver what I expected from it. Or maybe better say, hoped from it. And I still can’t imagine other people feel as stressed as I do, or did most of my life. So how would I ever live a normal life with a little happiness and such in it? And would answering these self analysis questions help?

Anyhow, it is often said that one should never give up, so let’s just continue working on the self analysis questions, even though I got an e-mail just half an hour ago that hit me very hard as it is about something I have no clue how to solve it.

But let’s just persist and work on today’s question: “Are you conscious of possessing spiritual forces of sufficient power to enable you to keep your mind free from all kinds of fear”?

And the answer is definitely ‘no’. Or isn’t it? As I just feel very stressed, which makes me think ‘fear’, so I feel like I don’t have sufficient power to keep me free from stress. And I feel very poor, which makes me feel very bad, but it doesn’t mean I fear poverty (anymore?). As being in this state of feeling poor, which I still don’t really am as I still have quite some capital in the form of part ownership in The Malasag House, so if that is sold (or mortgaged further) I am out of direct financial trouble.

Anyhow, everything lately seems to point to spirituality, so maybe I should look more in that direction to deal with my stress, with my feeling tortured by, yes, who or what?

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