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Since I started with writing the answers to the self analysis questions from Think and Grow Rich I have been thinking about creating a page about those questions (and answers).

So for now just a start of the list of my posts:

  1. Self analysis question 1.
  2. Self analysis question 2.
  3. Self analysis question 3.
  4. Self analysis question 4.
  5. Self analysis question 5.
  6. Self analysis question 6.
  7. Self analysis question 7.
  8. Self analysis question 8.
  9. Self analysis question 9.
  10. Self analysis question 10.
  11. Self analysis question 11.
  12. Self analysis question 12.
  13. Self analysis question 13.
  14. Self analysis question 14.
  15. Self analysis question 15.
  16. Self analysis question 16.
  17. Self analysis question 17.
  18. Self analysis question 18.
  19. Self analysis question 19.
  20. Self analysis question 20.
  21. Self analysis question 21.
  22. Self analysis question 22.
  23. Self analysis question 23.
  24. Self analysis question 24.
  25. Self analysis question 25.
  26. Self analysis question 26.
  27. Self analysis question 27.
  28. Self analysis question 28.
  29. Self analysis question 29.

And I just see I already wrote more than 20 self analysis posts and just making the list makes me realize the enormous amount of content I have been writing in this site. And that again makes me think of how doing something small every day can end up into huge things as long as you just continue doing it.

More to follow, as it is enough for today. But even with that, if I just add one line to the list every day, about two months from now the list will be complete. And that is not too much to ask, just writing one line a day, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Self Analysis

  1. Wayne


    I mostly read everything you post on your inspiration pages and I mostly never know ether to start to make a comment. It’s as if the issues are so big I can’t find a way in, a starting point.
    “Think and grow rich” is a good example. Seems to me the person who has really done this is Napopeon Hill! Like many self help books I feel they appeal to a need in people; in this case to grow rich.
    Also they pose credible and appealing questions , questions that we are supposed to answer Yes to; yes that sound like me so read on.
    I have an example in s philosophy course I did many years ago in London that advertised itself as The School for Economic Science but wad in fact a religion , Hinduism I think. It’s appeal to me and to many there , it seemed ( I went for almost three years ) was to those looking for a deeper meaning in life than the one that had workef for us so far. I’m not saying it was all bad, not at all, just its appeal was similar to your NHill; that is it seemed to be speaking to me. One disreputable American Evangalist some years ago made a fortune doing this on tv asking for donations . He would speak directly to the camera saying ” I’m talking to you , that single lady at home watching this who has a jar by the TV with money in it for a rainy day, this is that rainy day. He’d worked out enough people would believe he was speaking to them personally to send him money lol.
    I’m not saying NH is like this I’m just saying he is meant to appeal to people like you on the search ( think and grow rich) you’re on.
    The purpose of life is to be happy. The difficulty is knowing how to do it. Rich may make you happy for a short time but it will fade just as surely as the effects of alcohol . Being deeply and truly happy comes from helping others and realizing the choice ; Help myself or help others is a false one .
    The happiest people are not the richest. Rich maybe more attractive than poor yes , but it gives the capacity for going astray too; pleasing oneself .
    Hope your at lees birthday to chat much more 🙂

    W x

    1. Guus Post author

      Hi Wayne,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I only know one thing for sure now: money indeed doesn’t make you happy, but no money certainly is related to unhappiness.

      And in my feeling I always focused on other people as that is what other people say makes you happy. It never made me happy though, so for me it is slowly becoming bullshit so right now I am just trying to focus on myself. How can I help other people from being so unhappy and even sharing it so much, even writing so much about it?


  2. Akshay Kumar Soni

    Sir I have read all the answers of 29 questions & it provided much more help to write my own answers, earlier I have no idea how to write my answers.

    I kindly request to upload the remaining answers from Q 30-42

    Thanks a lot
    Yours Sincerely
    Akshay Kumar Soni


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