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Self analysis, question 43

Interesting question today: “Does your religion help you to keep your own mind positive?” as I don’t consider myself religious anymore, but I grew up as a protestant Christian and I believe most of our culture is defined by Christianity.

So does my religion help to keep my own mind positive? Well, certainly not, as I believe more and more that this father like figure I grew up with, this old men with a great beard on the pulpit condemning all human sins is still there and is judging all my actions, including not fitting in in society meaning I have problems earning and having a decent love and sex life.

So I left my religion as it didn’t suit me anymore, but somehow I still carry it with me and it certainly doesn’t help to keep my mind positive as all I feel is guilt and shame, guilt for the things I did wrong and ashamed towards other people that I don’t meet the requirements of ‘the world’, of reality.

So interesting what is going on here as it calls for questions why I still stick with that religion and how would or could I find another one that would help me to keep my mind positive. But I have been searching a lot and until now I couldn’t find one, although Napoleon HIll‘s philosophy helped me a lot I guess the last few years but is also letting me down lately as I feel very down and inadequate as I still didn’t achieve the things I wanted.

So new plans? Or are the plans I put into motion already adequate to bring me where I want to be?

Well, time will tell, but at the moment I am very down, even though I made quite some progress with my DoctorsConnect project, especially today as I finished an initial version of my pitch document for investors.

So well, if you want to invest one and a half million pesos and have some decent return after one year please let me know. And that reminds me of the pastor in Think and Grow Rich who needed a million dollars and got it as he decided to get it.

And somehow I decided to get this money within the month, so let’s see. Maybe someone reading this would be willing to join and invest one and a half million pesos which is about USD 35,000.00, which is not that much I guess.