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Self analysis, question 43

Interesting question today: “Does your religion help you to keep your own mind positive?” as I don’t consider myself religious anymore, but I grew up as a protestant Christian and I believe most of our culture is defined by Christianity.

So does my religion help to keep my own mind positive? Well, certainly not, as I believe more and more that this father like figure I grew up with, this old men with a great beard on the pulpit condemning all human sins is still there and is judging all my actions, including not fitting in in society meaning I have problems earning and having a decent love and sex life.

So I left my religion as it didn’t suit me anymore, but somehow I still carry it with me and it certainly doesn’t help to keep my mind positive as all I feel is guilt and shame, guilt for the things I did wrong and ashamed towards other people that I don’t meet the requirements of ‘the world’, of reality.

So interesting what is going on here as it calls for questions why I still stick with that religion and how would or could I find another one that would help me to keep my mind positive. But I have been searching a lot and until now I couldn’t find one, although Napoleon HIll‘s philosophy helped me a lot I guess the last few years but is also letting me down lately as I feel very down and inadequate as I still didn’t achieve the things I wanted.

So new plans? Or are the plans I put into motion already adequate to bring me where I want to be?

Well, time will tell, but at the moment I am very down, even though I made quite some progress with my DoctorsConnect project, especially today as I finished an initial version of my pitch document for investors.

So well, if you want to invest one and a half million pesos and have some decent return after one year please let me know. And that reminds me of the pastor in Think and Grow Rich who needed a million dollars and got it as he decided to get it.

And somehow I decided to get this money within the month, so let’s see. Maybe someone reading this would be willing to join and invest one and a half million pesos which is about USD 35,000.00, which is not that much I guess.

Self analysis, question 28

Am I really different?

Today I was in a meeting from Coda and it made me realize that I may need that type of support more than I want to know. And that it may take more effort than I want or think to get out of this mess I am in. And I keep wondering if I am that different, if most other people indeed have a more balanced life than I have, as most people I know I guess presume I have a pretty good life living in a big house and such. And I guess I am happy living in a big house and still having some of the good things of life like having decent food including snacks and junk food and a nice TV and such. But the price has been high, especially the last few years as I hardly earned anything and neither did my partner, so we got into more and more debt which makes me feeling more and more uncomfortable, especially as my partner keeps throwing out money by the hundreds of thousands of pesos, this time to invest in a new project, a project he really believes in, so again I allowed him, as this time it may be different.

So why am I doing it? Well, I basically have no clue, except that it makes me very uncomfortable, for a long, long time already. But as I have less and less confidence in my own earning power I kind of gave up and this time I kind of threw to him that I don’t know anymore and that I hoped he could take over and do better than me.

What about privacy?

And I shouldn’t be writing about this as it is pretty private and mostly my partner will get unimaginably angry and blame me for sharing things like this to others. And in a way he is right as I also prefer to keep this type of stuff within the relationship. But as I don’t feel supported by my partner and as I am the one who borrowed, or more recently basically stole the money, I have no clue where to go, no one to talk to about these things, no place to go where I could find some kind of comfort.

Blame the other

And somehow I keep blaming my partner, but I also know I am responsible for my own actions, but I just can’t seem to help what is happening, what I am doing, that I keep giving in, even though I believe it is wrong. And I guess that is exactly the codependent pattern I have been reading about for quite a while now.

And again, I keep wondering how other people deal with these kinds of situations. I keep asking myself why I am so much more different, so much more wrong than ‘others’. How did I learn this type of behavior and maybe more important, how do I get out of it? As it (still) feels like something that is out of my control, which maybe is true, if I can believe the things being said about codependency.

But the above is not what I wanted to write about, although the idea of Higher Power as introduced in Twelve Step Programs seems pretty similar to the idea of Infinite Intelligence of Napoleon Hill.

Self analysis

Enough about my personal struggle I guess, but somehow all these programs and stuff including the self analysis questions of Napoleon Hill seem to be related. And aren’t we all looking for the same thing or the same things in the end, like what am I doing here and where will I go and how can I be happy?

So let’s move to today’s question: “Do you make deliberate use of autosuggestion to make your mind positive?”. And I guess the answer is that I don’t do that enough, at least not recently. As recently I have been overwhelmed again by all my fears and trying to fix everything by working hard, by ‘doing’, even though e.g. today I found a bit more peace and decided to NOT finish my daily planning and go back to my feeling, do the things that felt good (and not do the things that didn’t feel good). And it gave me some peace, even though I felt a bit, or even a lot, guilty that I didn’t push through with the discipline and habits I have been so proud of recently, or at least the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015.

The unseen

This whole exercise does make me see that it may be much more important to pay more attention to and put more time into things like meditation, read autosuggestion. And indeed go back to ‘God’ or ‘Life Force’ or Infinite Intelligence, as somehow the answers may lie there and not in my (own) strength or willpower or discipline or whatever.

As without Gods will, and please read God like any Higher Power that feels good to you, somehow things don’t work, won’t succeed.

So what do You want me to do?