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Self analysis, question 16

A strange question to me for today as it relates to the origin of Inspiration for Success: “Who has the most inspiring influence upon you? What is the cause?” as I didn’t feel inspired especially by my dad and am slowly realizing that it was not only my dad that kind of killed things in me.

So who has the most inspiring influence on me? Well, the first person that comes into my mind is Donald Trump and the second person is Richard Branson; and third Alden Tan. And then I got a flash of Cesar Millan.

And the above makes me think, like it seems somehow I do have people who inspire me where I thought I had none. And there are more, as also Leo Babauta’s e-mails and posts inspire me.

So who has the most inspiring influence on me? Well, maybe Donald Trump as to me he is rich and famous and kind of ‘manly self confident’. And somehow this is strange as somehow I don’t like him at all. And his story is also not that inspiring as he started quite well off and quite successful as far as I know.

So yes, I am still looking for financial riches and I am still looking for fame. But then what is inspiring about Donald Trump? And what could or should I learn from him? Or what do I want to learn from him?

And the last brings me to that I have more and more the feeling that I have to do it my own way, that I need to stop looking to other people, comparing myself to other people, being jealous of other people. As they are not me and I am not them. I have my unique set of talents and weaknesses and whatever a human being has. And that’s got to be enough to find what I am looking for.

Strange, how this post goes…

The other side of the river

In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill writes somewhere about a river, where one side is going ‘down’ towards poverty and the other side is going ‘up’ towards riches. And that image has been stuck in my mind for quite a while. And the strange thing is that until last night I always saw myself ‘in between’, in between the down current and the up current, trying to struggle myself from the down current to the up current. And last night I just felt myself in the up current, all alone, like in the stories that say that the top of the ladder is very empty, where the bottom is very crowded. And it was even more empty than I thought, but it felt good, even though I felt a bit scared as there was so much room and it went pretty fast and I didn’t know where it was going. But it felt good and next to the fear I actually felt excited.

And the strange thing is that in my real life nothing really changed. Actually it got worse, as right now I don’t have any income and debtors are coming after me, which never happened before. So is this then the ‘beyond’ I also read about? That success is ‘beyond’ the worst thing you thought could ever happen? But it also doesn’t feel like that, as somehow I am not scared anymore and somehow I am very scared. And somehow I am numb and somehow I am just, well, not sure how to phrase that.

So somehow exciting times, even though it is somehow worse than ever. And somehow beyond fear. But also beyond sadness, as I am far beyond what my original (and current) conscience approves of.