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Self analysis, question 49

I am a bit scared of today’s question as it is again about people around me. And I don’t have many people around me, neither private nor in business and that kind of worries me. And I have thought about that a lot and I still can’t find the answer why, except that it appears that most people seem to experience that I have a negative attitude and that I am complaining a lot. And there must be something to that, even though I can’t get that confirmed from everyone and everywhere.

So mostly I am alone and related to today’s question that may make it difficult to answer as today’s question is “Are your intimate associates mentally superior or inferior to you”?

Or maybe not, as I guess people may consider me thinking always to be superior of them as I often think I am ‘right’. And I am pretty intelligent, so I may even actually often be right (about intellectual things).

So right now I feel like I have no intimate associates, but if I think about the people I am dealing with related to business I think they are mostly about equal to me, even though I may still be more intelligent than them. But with the last I may be wrong as many people I deal with have some kind of University degree, so they must also be intelligent.

And related to the question about being mentally superior or inferior it comes to my mind that emotionally I guess most people are superior to me, at least that is what I believe now. But this may not be true as in some (emotional) areas I think I am pretty good, even though people may not always see that.

So something to think more about, the being or feeling superior or inferior to other people.