Moses’ leadership

I saw the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings tonight and was stunned that this whole movie, or actually the story of the Israelis leaving Egypt, is all about leadership, the leadership of Moses. And again, one of the major things is that humans in the end are not in control, but God, or Infinite Intelligence, or the Laws of the Universe. And of course the decision making of Moses, especially when he is on a crossroad and doesn’t know where to go. But he kind of asks God and no matter what, he just makes a decision.

And things like burning all the bridges, when he leaves his family behind to go for his quest to free his people from the Egyptians.

But next to all of this I am always also stunned how Hollywood type of movies, good movies, always seem to be perfect, very well made, with a lot of attention. And I still don’t know how to do something like that, as you need an awful lot of people, followers, to do something like that. And yes, someone must have had the idea to make this movie, a movie about the Exodus. And again, it must have taken an awful lot of passion, determination, persistence, leadership and many more things to get something like this movie made.

So yes, well worth watching, not only because it is a very good movie about the Exodus, but also because you can find a lot about what leadership is in it. So I guess I’ll just add it to the page inspiring movies right now.

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