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Fundamentals of leadership

Somehow I started reading in the book “The Leader Who Had No Title” from Robin Sharma, even though I don’t like it so much. And I was not really into doing something, just wanted to relax, and didn’t really know what to do, so I just opened the book and started reading. And again, I don’t like how the book is written, the style, but somehow I kept reading and the content of the book is good, that is what I know, as I read most of the book before. And as before I started at the beginning, and started getting a bit bored, a bit annoyed with the style of writing, this time I decided to start pretty much at the end, as I presumed that was a part had not read before.

And the content was quite interesting, kind of linked to things I am currently doing, linked to spirituality, so I kept reading for a while. And while reading I was kind of struck by the “Seven Fundamentals of Leadership” as stated, even so much that it inspired me to write about it, share it here. Maybe just because I like lists, like the Principles of Success :).

And I have no clue what to write about them, but here they are:

  1. Learning.
  2. Affirmations.
  3. Visualization.
  4. Journaling.
  5. Goal setting.
  6. Exercise.
  7. Nutrition.

Ah, and now I remember why I wanted to share, as especially ‘affirmations‘ and ‘visualization’ are things I can related to, especially affirmations, as I started doing affirmations quite recently. And somehow having a list of (positive) affirmations seems to work, even though I have not been that serious with them the last few days, the last week.

Mmm, and I am not sure how to continue now, as I don’t have much more to say about this. Maybe that it also struck me that what I read today also had strong relations with the ideas of Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, the book that was the foundation for this site. Like our life is the result of our thinking, is the result of how we think. And that we can influence the way how we think. But that is another story and can be found elsewhere, probably better in other sites than in this site.

Moses’ leadership

I saw the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings tonight and was stunned that this whole movie, or actually the story of the Israelis leaving Egypt, is all about leadership, the leadership of Moses. And again, one of the major things is that humans in the end are not in control, but God, or Infinite Intelligence, or the Laws of the Universe. And of course the decision making of Moses, especially when he is on a crossroad and doesn’t know where to go. But he kind of asks God and no matter what, he just makes a decision.

And things like burning all the bridges, when he leaves his family behind to go for his quest to free his people from the Egyptians.

But next to all of this I am always also stunned how Hollywood type of movies, good movies, always seem to be perfect, very well made, with a lot of attention. And I still don’t know how to do something like that, as you need an awful lot of people, followers, to do something like that. And yes, someone must have had the idea to make this movie, a movie about the Exodus. And again, it must have taken an awful lot of passion, determination, persistence, leadership and many more things to get something like this movie made.

So yes, well worth watching, not only because it is a very good movie about the Exodus, but also because you can find a lot about what leadership is in it. So I guess I’ll just add it to the page inspiring movies right now.

Before The Matrix

Bound movieAs far as I knew The Matrix was the first movie produced by the Wachowski Brothers, but I just found out that they made a movie before the Matrix Trilogy, the movie Bound. So when I found out of course I decided to download it, as The Matrix Trilogy is one of my most favorite movie experiences I have ever experienced, if not the best or at least most interesting movie experience ever. And every time I watch part of it I see something new. Like a few days ago, when I accidentally saw it on TV I realized that Smith says somewhere in the first Matrix movie that if Zion is destroyed he is going to be deleted. And I never realized that. And it is even the most basic foundations of the movie, programs being deleted, like humans going to die. And I never realized it also applied to Smith, so this gives a whole new dimension to the story for me. And believe me, I think I know the movies well and know many of the kind of hidden details and stories and philosophies and whatever, so seeing something new after seeing those movies so many times is exciting.

So I just watched it and it is a good movie with a very interesting plot. And the start reminded me a bit of The Matrix as the music sounds familiar, so probably they used the same composer.

And I thought I had nothing inspiring to share today, but it seems I still have, as my new discoveries, the discovery about Smith not being needed anymore if Zion is destroyed and this first movie of Wachowski Brothers is quite exciting to me.

And yes, I admire the Wachowski Brothers more and more, even now, as I have no clue how they pulled off something like The Matrix with so many angles from so many disciplines in life.


Star Trek Into DarknessI have been thinking a lot about my goals related to Inspiration for Success as the whole team doesn’t support the financial goals that we have set (1) and proposed (2). So I just encountered this quote:

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. It must be a goal that is so appealing, so much in line with your spiritual core, that you can’t get it out of your mind. If you do not get chills when you set a goal, your not setting big enough goals.” – Bob Proctor.

And it seems that’s what it’s all about, I mean, it just sounded that the team members were too scared (‘get the chills’) to set the goals and stick with them. So today I kind of (?!) decided to stick with the two financial goals that we have set for inspiration for Success for this period:

  1. Earn or receive one hundred US dollars on or before October 22, 2013 by inspiring people for success.
  2. Earn or receive one million dollars for each of the team members on or before October 19, 2014 by inspiring people for success.

And you may want to know that especially the first goal chilled me out as for me the timing was so short and the website didn’t make the progress as i wanted and expected, in content as well as traffic. And the second goal was already set for me, even for October this year, so that was not such a big deal to me.

And you know why I want to stick to those goals? Because the last few days I realized that I am fully off track related to the teachings of Napoleon Hill and his book Think and Grow Rich. And I realized I’m the leader, that I need to set the goals, that I need to lead the way. And I don’t. So that’s why things are not moving.

Basically the movie Star Trek Into Darkness I was watching yesterday made me think about those things, that a leader is alone and needs to make his own decisions and cannot always do what his team members advise him. At least that’s what I saw Captain James T. Kirk do. And it wasn’t always easy for him and it wasn’t always fun, but it seemed the type of thing a real leader should do, what is expected from a real leader.

So well, better get to work and make those goals come true.

And one more thing I notice more and more in movies: the (mostly famous) actors and the team creating movies as of the moment, at least the big movies in the cinema’s, all seem to have some kind of (deep) message and all are created very, very professional. So yes, going all the way, going the extra mile seems to be the thing needed to be successful. And it’s worth it, just doing things good, like if you do something worth doing, then better do it well, better overdo it.

And someone else to thank today, as she listened to me and gave some very good suggestions and advice. But not sure if I can mention her name her for privacy reasons, so better not now, but I’ll ask her.