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True love really existsA very important date in my desire document was September 10, 2013. Maybe the most important day of my life, at least it was when I wrote the initial version of the document which must have been September 10, 2012. And the date passed with not much feeling of success, which was kind of an anti-climax. But maybe it was the same thing a sportsman feels when he passes the finish and just knows that he made it, that he could have made it, and is just tired of the game he played. Because somehow I made my goal, a goal that was impossible at the time of writing. So I don’t feel too excited about having achieved my goal, at least in the spirit of the goal although I reached the goal litterally as I wrote it. So a big success, but there are too many things in my life that I desire to be different from what it is now, so I guess, I know I don’t sound excited right now. But what i wanted to share is that I am starting to see the power of a desire document and that I am starting to believe that I can indeed achieve all the things that i wrote there in the spirit of the Principles of Success.

So several things in my mind and the first is that I want to write my personal desire document for this project. And going back to the origin of the project I have to write it myself and it has to be mine, it has to be a personal desire document. And i am struggling now with my leadership role. As I kind of don’t want it, even though one of my desires is to stand in the spotlight. And somehow I always wanted to stand in the spotlight and I think never really stood, but I am starting to realize what price I, you have to pay when you are standing in the spotlight. So I am also starting to understand more of the problems leaders are dealing with. It looks so nice being famous and being rich and yes, I still want to be that, both. And it’s becoming a real desire now. But I’m also starting to see that there is a price to pay, a price that may be bigger than I thought, bigger than I expected. And so yes, a leader also deserves ‘more of the pie’ than the followers. I can see and feel that more now, even though that’s not really what I want anymore, having more than others, which I also always wanted and what may have blocked my way to riches, to abundance.

Anyhow, today felt like the time to make a desire document related to my desire to have one million dollars through this project. As recently I also went back to the origins of the project which was basically what someone called ‘a get rich quick scheme’. And I guess he was right. And I am very thankful for him saying that to me. As he made me realize what I was doing and I guess it was not really what I wanted. So yes, all adversity carries within it the seed of a greater benefit. I am also seeing the truth of that now, as if this person had not made that remark to me the project would not have been where it is now.

So let’s get to work and take the leadership role by writing my first draft of the desire project for my short term monetary goal with this project. And it may still be a ‘get rich quick’ desire. But I don’t care anymore. As I am also starting to see that there is nothing wrong in wanting something, no matter what other people say. And also the origin of the project and things like ‘the world likes  success’ even needs me to be rich. As that’s what success means to me related to this project. That is also the success as described in Think and Grow Rich.

And yes, I keep kind of apologizing for wanting a lot of money. As I am still kind of thinking like the people on the way to poverty. But I want out of it and yes, I also want you out of it. And indeed, me being rich doesn’t harm anybody, doesn’t harm you. On the contrary. Money grows on trees and we have been taught the wrong things for quite some time. The world is abundant, just look around you. And somehow we’re blocking that with all our fears and negative ideas about money.

And I would like to share more of this process of mine, where my current thinking comes from. But maybe it’s just a process and maybe that’s why the call it The Secret.

And keep in mind, about willing to give. I am giving away part of my privacy here. I am willing to state bluntly that I want one million dollars through this project, meaning from you, the people who I am trying to serve. But I’m starting to believe that’s ok, if you’re doing it the right way. But again, that’s about what probably all the rich people  know and you and I don’t (yet) as we’re not rich. And if you are rich you will probably not reading this post, but if you are I’m also very happy to see your comments about what I am writing here.

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