A great day

I just updated my gratitude page and realize just now that I had a great day, even though there were some things I didn’t like. Like I just had a great conference call with my team. And earlier today I had an interesting conversation with missionaries from the Latter Day Saint movement.

And it seems I have learned something, as before I would just end up in some kind of argument with missionaries of churches like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or other type of people who want to tell me about (their version of) Jesus Christ or how to live or improve my life by following Jesus Christ. And with my team I would just want something from them, for my own purpose.

But today was different. As I had a very interesting conversation with sister Lacuata and sister Landicho. They even opened up to me a bit, something I have never experienced before in conversations with missionaries trying to convince me their church or belief is the only.

And my conversation with the team of Inspiration for Success was also very enlightening. As before I was just trying to push my own agenda, trying to get my own things done, but tonight I decided to take another direction by asking each of them how I could help them, which of course brought me, brought us to their goals. And strange enough the last thing started with me defining a segment IFS, just before the meeting. And it was strange as I felt kind of pressured as I did not really plan the meeting, didn’t think about it before, didn’t make an agenda or something. So it seems somehow Infinite Intelligence came of help to make me do the right thing, ask the right questions.

So I learned that the website Geschichte Lernen is more important to Robin than I thought, than I knew. That it is even his main goal next to his work at Metamove and that he is even really investing in it. It always appeared to me some kind of sideline, some kind of blog where he wrote every now and then. But no, apparently it is a lot more than that and comes close to some kind of life goal, sharing something history (have to check with him to know more about what his real purpose is).

And i know David is working on a new project,  Maybe This Matters, but I didn’t know it is his full time job and how important it is to him. And that he needs some serious help with things like:

  • front end html;
  • graphic design;
  • server administration;
  • back-end programming in python;
  • writing explainer content;
  • designing a new landing page interaction.

And I didn’t know he is so focused on helping others by creating a website with the following features:

  1. being a place for you to share the issues that you care most about
  2. provide information to learn specific things you can do to make the world better
  3. build communities around other people that care about fixing similar issues.

Who wouldn’t support something like that?

And I know John is working on a new business related to his website Philippinen Tours, being a tour guide for German tourists wanting to visit The Philippines on individual tours. But I didn’t know he wanted to be the number one travel operator for Germans visiting The Philippines. That is some awesome goal isn’t it?

And I know that Christian is very focused on his church activities. But I didn’t know he is even considering giving up his job for that. That is quite something and perfectly fits the idea of definite purpose.

So yes, quite some day today, with a lot of positive interaction.

Thank you Lord!

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