Before The Matrix

Bound movieAs far as I knew The Matrix was the first movie produced by the Wachowski Brothers, but I just found out that they made a movie before the Matrix Trilogy, the movie Bound. So when I found out of course I decided to download it, as The Matrix Trilogy is one of my most favorite movie experiences I have ever experienced, if not the best or at least most interesting movie experience ever. And every time I watch part of it I see something new. Like a few days ago, when I accidentally saw it on TV I realized that Smith says somewhere in the first Matrix movie that if Zion is destroyed he is going to be deleted. And I never realized that. And it is even the most basic foundations of the movie, programs being deleted, like humans going to die. And I never realized it also applied to Smith, so this gives a whole new dimension to the story for me. And believe me, I think I know the movies well and know many of the kind of hidden details and stories and philosophies and whatever, so seeing something new after seeing those movies so many times is exciting.

So I just watched it and it is a good movie with a very interesting plot. And the start reminded me a bit of The Matrix as the music sounds familiar, so probably they used the same composer.

And I thought I had nothing inspiring to share today, but it seems I still have, as my new discoveries, the discovery about Smith not being needed anymore if Zion is destroyed and this first movie of Wachowski Brothers is quite exciting to me.

And yes, I admire the Wachowski Brothers more and more, even now, as I have no clue how they pulled off something like The Matrix with so many angles from so many disciplines in life.

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