I thought I was not good in planning, but it seems that I am starting to learn. And it is weird to see that it appears that planning makes my life easier, more relaxed. As e.g. when I am finished with the plan for the day I am just finished.

And my planning comes with some decision power. As for the last few months I try not to change decisions after I make them. And also that makes life easier, as I don’t have to think so much, I don’t doubt so much anymore. As when I have planned something, decided to do something, I will normally just do it, even though it sometimes feels weird. And yes, I still tend to plan too many things, too many things in one day. So I still get tired from overload. And then indeed I sometimes just stop, don’t do anything anymore, which still kind of makes me feel guilty.

But somehow the ideas of Napoleon Hill as written down in Think and Grow Rich are starting to make sense to me, are starting to help me. And recently even make me feel much stronger.

And still, one of the most powerful things I experience is the coming alive of my desire document. And no, I didn’t make all the dates there. But yes, it helps me keep on track and it is very weird to see it come alive. Very weird.

So yes, recently I also started reading it aloud again. And sometimes I don’t feel it, don’t feel anything. But mostly I see and feel the things written there come alive. And yes, it is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy, as one of the weird things that is happening around that is that it gives positive meaning to events that I would normally consider negative.

So yes, again, I can certainly recommend to make a written statement on your definite purpose or your goals and dreams in life. As one other major thing I also got from the ideas as written down by Napoleon Hill: if you just have one goal or definite purpose and stick to it, only two things can happen: you reach your goal or you die while being on the way to it. And talking about lifetimes the first is much more likely to happen than the second. As most people overestimate what they could achieve in one year and underestimate how much they can achieve in ten year. And being fifty now I can state that ten year is not that long. And that in one lifetime there are mostly multiple periods of ten year.

So yes, better just stick to your goal and reach it. And yes, if you failed, or better say you were defeated, just set your sails once more on the way to your goal(s) and with this type of mindset it is very unlikely not to reach your goal. I promise you.

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