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I can go back better prepared

Right now I am at Hanna’s Beach Resort and I want to go further north along the coast, but the weather is pretty bad, rainy and windy and I think I got my lesson about that about a weak ago in Boracay. So no, I will not push through, unless the weather really improved. And I see it just did, but it is probably still not wise to push throufg, as again, the same happened in Boracay.

Enough is enough.
This is where I decided to go back

This trip has been full of good and it seems now also full of learning experiences.

I just wanted to start writing to remember the moment.

To be finished later.

Persistence (and not stubbornness)

People have always called me stubborn, especially when I was younger. And I always thought it is and was the same as persistence, as being persistent. But somehow I’m starting to see the two are different, although slightly I guess.

As what I am starting to experience is that stubbornness is just pushing through what you want, regardless of other people’s feelings and stuff. And persistence is more like continuing going against all odds without offending other people, with letting other people be who they are or want to be.

So my big crazy project is helping me to be persistent, be myself, how crazy I may be. And I guess is learning me to be less stubborn, less insisting on my ways.

And the strange thing is that no matter how crazy my original idea was for Cagayan de Oro City, it could really become true. And the strange thing is I don’t even remember how that whole idea came together, like what was first.

Crazy, isn’t it?