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No clue

I have no clue what to write. As today and the last few days I just couldn’t get going. And no matter discipline and all the things I learned especially the last few years couldn’t get me moving.

So what is inspiring about this? Maybe just indeed that sometimes we’re just tired, sometimes things just don’t seem to move. Maybe indeed we are only little humans in this vast world, in this vast universe, more limited than we think and feel. And the strange thing to me is still that we are also powerful, more powerful than anything ‘material’.

As somehow humans are special, somehow it seems we are the only thing in the universe expressing consciousness.

Need inspiration

It feels like I need some inspiration myself and I guess writing here won’t do that job. Sorry, I’ll be back tomorrow.


CaterpillarTomorrow I am planning to go to a funeral and that got my worried about how to deal with my posts and stuff. And that feels a bit strange, how I am obsessed with not missing one day with posting and such, like if I miss one day that would be the end of the world. And that makes me think how obsessed I am with these kind of things, that I am not so flexible, something people often said about me. And right now I am a bit torn, as everything I have learned about ‘success’ also points to persistence and do what other people don’t. And I have the feeling I am doing all those things, learning all those things, especially ‘plan the work and work the plan’. And discipline of course.

But somehow I have the feeling I am overdoing, that I am doing it in a very strict, inhumane way. And that that way of doing, thinking, may exactly be my problem (in life). That I would need a little more flexibility.

Anyhow, that’s not really what I wanted to write about. What I wanted to write about is about the caterpillar and how that image came in this post, as the caterpillar image is what I started this post with. And it is a good sample of how things come into being, how thoughts work, how events work, how things are connected. As I started today with ‘funeral’, which made me look for a ‘life and death inspirational quote’. And then I found the quote “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” from Richard Bach. And that made me search for ‘caterpillar’ as I wanted to put an image of a caterpillar.

CaterpillarAnd the results of that search amazed me, as the first results were all related to the Caterpillar brand, the manufacturer of heavy machinery. And then of course the thought came to me how commercialized the internet is, as ‘commerce’ is one of my personal struggles. And then the thought came to me how the two are connected, the animal and the brand, as I’m quite sure the company Caterpillar was named after the animal, especially as their logo is similar to the colors of the animal. So that’s how a human being can start with funeral and end with animals, machinery, the connections between them and logo’s and images.

Amazing, isn’t it?