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No clue

I have no clue what to write. As today and the last few days I just couldn’t get going. And no matter discipline and all the things I learned especially the last few years couldn’t get me moving.

So what is inspiring about this? Maybe just indeed that sometimes we’re just tired, sometimes things just don’t seem to move. Maybe indeed we are only little humans in this vast world, in this vast universe, more limited than we think and feel. And the strange thing to me is still that we are also powerful, more powerful than anything ‘material’.

As somehow humans are special, somehow it seems we are the only thing in the universe expressing consciousness.

Bad mood, good mood

So I had this bad mood yesterday (and the days before). And last night I couldn’t sleep, so I went out again, played a bit and went too bed again. And of course I woke up very late today, only to find two messages, one from a customer to pick up a check and one from Mitsubishi Cagayan de Oro that I could pass by again to take some pictures as the (my?) black Pajero is due for release this afternoon. And I felt a bit annoyed as I had only about one hour to get there and I also wanted to bring my partner to take the pictures. And knowing especially my partner I would never make the scheduled time.

But then suddenly a whole world opened for me, as I realized that everything is okay, that whatever time I would arrive would be okay. As it is not me who arranges everything, it is God or The Universe or Infinite Intelligence in charge of everything. And I am still home and a bit anxious, a bit annoyed as my partner is still not prepared and on the phone with some issue he has been talking about for the whole week with all kinds of people. An issue that doesn’t make sense to me and an issue I don’t understand he spends so much time and energy on. But I realize more and more that all these events have a reason and that it would be okay if I were late and the Pajero would be gone. Or it would be okay if it’s still there. And it would be okay if I arrived just when the owner is about to pick it up, where in that case the delay would just mean that it was meant I meet the owner.

And yes, I have a choice as I could push my partner now more if I would really want to go and be in time. Or I could go or could have gone earlier as I woke up just in time to be there at the indicated time. But I did not do that and yes, I still feel a bit anxious, but I think that has more to do with dealing with my partner than with this specific issue.

So while thinking, and that was the reason why I started this post, I realized (again) that there have been and are being set up so many things by, well, The Universe. As my waking up late and the check being ready and the car ready for release and the owner scheduling time today and, and, and… So life is indeed some kind of dance of all kinds of things coming together and making ‘reality’ real, making life happen as it happens. And yes, including my decision of not to push my partner and not going down myself.

And yes, that makes me think more and more about predestination or not, like if I, if you, if people really have a choice. And of course that brings me to The Matrix, where it is stated many times that ‘the problem is choice’. And a book I read recently about the universe in a scientific way states a bit the same, and in my opinion it all goes down to something like ‘who is the observer’. But is the observer not just ‘consciousness’, universal consciousness? And are humans not some kind of expression of that universal consciousness? Who will know and I doubt if we will ever know, but somehow it is very exciting and at the same time mysterious.

But my partner is almost ready, so I guess we’ll go soon.

To be continued…

Like cells in a body

I have been thinking a lot about humans and humanity and about the similarity of human cells in a body compared to humans in a, yes, what? And the question is of course if there is some kind of higher consciousness than ‘human’. And indeed, how would humans fit into that than? We all like to think we are unique, but if I look around I see humans, and many other things and creatures, just acting in the world like cells and all kinds of things in the body.

The strange thing however still is that humans distinguish something like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, which the more I think about it is a crazy idea. As ‘things’, including ‘living things’ just are what they are. And somehow the human mind, the human consciousness seems to have created some kind of concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. And it’s everywhere, in religions and I guess also in philosophy, although I am basically only familiar with the christian religion as that’s what I grew up with. But especially there, at the start, there is something like a higher consciousness, a God, who made humans ‘in his own image’ or something. And the story of creation in Genesis is indeed about the human ‘fall’ understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’, meaning becoming like God, like the higher being, like the higher consciousness.

But then what is this higher consciousness? And how do humans fit into that? Are humans really unique or do also have cells in a body some kind of consciousness?

And all of this is related to something I thought about our financial system at the moment, where I think things are ‘wrong’, or maybe better stated, are not working, at least not for me and for many other people. So I was wondering if the cells in a body also have some kind of paying system. And my first thinking was ‘no’, as I never heard of anything like that. As it seems the cells in a body just seem to work together to create something like the ‘higher being’ man. Or, while writing, animal. And they just seem to do what they are supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less, without any apparent payment or ‘feeling bad’ or ‘feeling good’.

And yes, behind all this, behind this post is also the thinking of Abraham Hicks, that everything has a ‘preference’, that everything has a choice. And yes, that’s also what The Matrix is all about, the problem of choice. And that’s what also the bible and probably other religions are also about.

Anyhow, what I was thinking was if we couldn’t look at the cells in our body cooperating with each other and with the ‘higher being’, the human, to create, well, the human. As that system seems to be a much more cooperative system than ‘humans’ and ‘the world’. But of course I cannot be sure, as how would I find out if the cells in my body are happy or sad? They apparently exist on a different level of consciousness than I am, similar to probably consciousnesses on higher levels than humans.

Or are we just on the road to something ‘higher’? Is that why so many people feel ‘bad’, why so many people are unhappy?

As indeed, I believe happiness and cooperation are the key, are the things that should be. And not unhappiness or separation.

So yes, let’s look more how the cells and the body do all this. how they relate to each other and try to make life easier for all.