Four steps

Yesterday i got an e-mail from Marc and Angel pointing to the page four steps successful people take and it appealed to me, as that I want to work on especially the third and the fourth as they appeared new to me.

So the four steps are:

  1. Dream (But Don’t Stop There).
  2. Aim for a specific outcome.
  3. Visualize your obstacles ahead of time.
  4. Use self-inquiry to build actionable “if-then” responses for overcoming your obstacles.

Of course the first and the second are familiar if you know e.g. the Principles of Success as described by Napoleon Hill as the first reminds me of Definite Purpose and the second of course relates tot he Six Steps. And I also know them from many other places.

The third and the fourth are kind of new to me, although step 3 reminds me of Organized Planning and one could see step 4 as the idea of making new plans if your plans fail.

So while reading the post I kind of decided to work on those things as those may just be additional things useful on my road to success and I even consider mentioning them on the page Principles of Success. Or maybe the page Organized Planning may be a better place.

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