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Today I waited a lot, for all kinds of things. Or actually I didn’t even wait so long in most cases, but it kind of felt like waiting, as waiting is quite common in The Philippines.

But it made me think as mostly I am the person who is waiting for other people, because I want or need something from them. And that often just feels unfair, as it seems there are people who other people wait for, like the person I waited quite a long time for tonight (and the situation that made me decide to write this article).

And as somehow I am not the person who people follow, the person who inspires other people, I was pondering what is really going on here, like why this person I decided to wait for doesn’t seem to have to wait for other people, or not as many times as I.

On the other side there is something like going the extra mile, as if I want something I may have to wait for someone, where other people might decide to leave (and not get what they want).

Still, I am wondering a lot how I would induce people to follow me, e.g. to help me make the DoctorsConnect project come true. As I felt left alone by most of the current team tonight. And as the leader according to Napoleon Hill that would be my mistake.

Finding weaknesses

I was very down this morning, mainly triggered by an e-mail I received yesterday, an e-mail with an attachment I was too scared to open. And with in mind that with that kind of state of mind I wouldn’t go anywhere I just decided to wait, do nothing, based on the ideas of the Law of Attraction. But as a human is not built for doing nothing finally I decided to play the mp3 version of the CD about guided breathing from Allan Sweeney (not sure if the CD on that page is the same as my mp3 file) I once found. And normally I follow the instructions on that CD, but this time I mainly bobbed along just listening to it as I know it has a calming effect on me.

And amazingly, from my earlier state of mind, listening to the CD calmed me quite a bit, even so much that after that I started reading again in Think and Grow Rich, something that often helps me get going again. And I ended up at the end of the last chapter, the chapter about the Six Ghosts of Fear, as that is what I am working on right now. And reading that I was thinking about the results of the self analysis I have been working on for the last weeks here in public. As I understand the purpose of the self analysis, the self analysis questions is to find weaknesses and cure them. And that is something I didn’t really work on until now I think. And it is something about controlling your mind and I still didn’t master that.

But still, how to get from a negative mindset to a positive? And how to get from negative circumstances to positive circumstances? And how to shield your mind from negative influences, either by yourself or by others?

Maybe I should just set that as some goal in my daily planning, to write about that, do something about that. What about you?