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Self analysis, question 31

I just read an early version of my desire document and I realized it is all about hope, at least right now for me. As I passed most of the initial deadlines and my biggest desire is kind of in ruins as of the moment, even though I decided not to give up yet to really achieve it.

And right now I am thinking how important it is to really read my (or your) desire document aloud twice a day or at least regularly, as it keeps your mind focused on what you want and how to achieve it and what you are willing to give. And I didn’t do that for a while as I was scared as some things start to take long, too long for me feeling comfortable.

But somehow just reading it right now again the whole thing just comes back, the thing or things I really want in life, the things I decided to do some two and a half years ago, starting from the ideas of Napoleon Hill. And somehow there may be a reason for reading it now, realizing what is going on now, as lately, especially the last few days, maybe weeks, I was very down and a bit confused, which seems to go back all to fear. And fear is what the end of Think and Grow Rich is all about, as fear seems indeed to be the biggest enemy of all as I see and feel now, especially the last few days, weeks, how destructive fear is or can be, as it seems most of my misery goes back to fear.

And also maybe there is a reason I am going through this right now, as Napoleon Hill writes that in order to conquer something we need to know all about it. And I am starting to know more and more about fear and I see more an more how destructive it is. So maybe I am given this period to write about it or maybe just experience it so I can work on overcoming it, dealing with it.

So let’s continue with the next self analysis question:“Has today added anything of value to your stock of knowledge or state of mind?”. And I think I just confirmed with the above that I did, as I know a little more about fear again and also what effect it has on my state of mind.

So that’s a nice end to this post where I though I was writing about something else than the subject I was planning to write about, but I was wrong.

And yes, maybe worthwhile to ask yourself this question every day, every end of the day. Which may even lead to a good start for the next day, to be aware if the day, the things you are planning to do or are doing, are adding something to your stock of knowledge or have influence on your state of mind. And if it is improving your state of mind or not.

So maybe something to print and put on your desk or your mirror so you can see it in the morning or if you are at work.

Finding weaknesses

I was very down this morning, mainly triggered by an e-mail I received yesterday, an e-mail with an attachment I was too scared to open. And with in mind that with that kind of state of mind I wouldn’t go anywhere I just decided to wait, do nothing, based on the ideas of the Law of Attraction. But as a human is not built for doing nothing finally I decided to play the mp3 version of the CD about guided breathing from Allan Sweeney (not sure if the CD on that page is the same as my mp3 file) I once found. And normally I follow the instructions on that CD, but this time I mainly bobbed along just listening to it as I know it has a calming effect on me.

And amazingly, from my earlier state of mind, listening to the CD calmed me quite a bit, even so much that after that I started reading again in Think and Grow Rich, something that often helps me get going again. And I ended up at the end of the last chapter, the chapter about the Six Ghosts of Fear, as that is what I am working on right now. And reading that I was thinking about the results of the self analysis I have been working on for the last weeks here in public. As I understand the purpose of the self analysis, the self analysis questions is to find weaknesses and cure them. And that is something I didn’t really work on until now I think. And it is something about controlling your mind and I still didn’t master that.

But still, how to get from a negative mindset to a positive? And how to get from negative circumstances to positive circumstances? And how to shield your mind from negative influences, either by yourself or by others?

Maybe I should just set that as some goal in my daily planning, to write about that, do something about that. What about you?


For the last week or so I have been a bit impatient, as I wanted the site to be ready for 2015. And that meant among other things updating the code for displaying the daily inspirational quotes for the page daily inspirational quotes 2015. As I hard coded the checking of the year in that code, which I don’t consider good programming practice, but was a good enough solution until now and could be good enough for at least the near future.

So I intended to wait until it was really needed, but today I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I just created that page and added the necessary few lines of code to handle the display of the 2015 quotes. And somewhere in my mind is that another update is needed, but maybe I’m wrong and was it just creating an additional page for my gratitude diary in the Dutch site.

And actually I don’t want to do retrospective things related to the ‘past year’ or do ‘good intentions things’ for the coming year, but somehow it seems that is hard to escape. And Napoleon Hill even recommends it, a yearly check on progress, so maybe I’ll still do that one of these days.

And it is strange, as Inspiration for Success, kind of starting with my Dutch blog now more than two years ago, somehow is completely different than when I started it. Or not really different, but more like it has progressed, it has grown. The strange thing with it is though that the traffic went down recently, quite a lot, where I expected it to go up all the time, as I have continued to write every day, except Sundays. And that hurts a lot as I expected, as I presumed, that the traffic would go up, especially as I kept writing. And recently I have even written more than average as I also added and changed some pages and added functionality for the top inspirational sites part.

And believe me, that hurts a lot, that the traffic went down, went down a lot. And that the number of links towards the site does not increase, or at least not visible. As it still takes a lot to write every day and also trying to improve the functionality of the site. And no, I couldn’t find the strength to improve the inspirational tools, a part of the site I thought could be, would be, very useful for people.

So yes, it is very good to experience the satisfaction of writing every day. And seeing that in the graph of the number of indexed pages in Google Webmaster Tools. And of somehow see the site grow also in other ways, even though it is very slow. And somehow I know that if I just continue, if I just persist adding stuff to the site, the traffic will increase. And with that also the use of the inspirational tools. And the subscribers to the daily inspirational quote.

But no matter my personal progress in discipline and habits and such, it would be nice to see the traffic and the use of the inspirational tools grow. As yes, I am quite sure that would inspire me to do more, to improve and expand Inspiration for Success in a way I had in mind when I started it.

So yes, if you would be willing to write a comment; or just check the inspirational tools; or give some feedback; or sign up to the daily inspirational quote; or create a link to the site or one of the pages in the site. That would really inspire me, really make me happy.

But if not, that’s also okay. As I have learned that with persistence, yes combined with the right mindset and some other things, you can achieve anything. So certainly a bit more traffic and better use for Inspiration for Success.

Outwitting the devil

It was very strange what just happened to me. Somehow I ended up on the site Outwitting the Devil. And what happened after was something like the thing described in the document with ‘the last chapter’, the thing that happened to Napoleon Hill as described in this text. As somehow I felt I was guided to this site, this page, this document. And somehow it feels that it was no accident that it mainly reminded me of the virtual cabinet Napoleon Hill also describes in Think and Grow Rich. And it reminded me of the sessions with my private virtual cabinet a while ago. And it somehow made me believe I should continue with that, restart it. And while writing this I realize that I have felt very lonely lately, especially the last few weeks, as somehow the people who I was talking to (with?) for my Connect Mindanao project have not done so much recently, have not really contributed, have not done their part. So this felt like another project, another business that failed, where I failed to create a team to make it happen, where I failed again to generate some income for myself, some pleasure for myself. So maybe that is also why I was lead to Outwitting the Devil, as it talks about what to do, how to become happy.

And no, I don’t like what I read there and heard everywhere. As somehow it never worked for me, or somehow I didn’t do it or didn’t do it the right way.

So time for meditation right now, even though I still want to finish some things tonight. But maybe first stop.

Success consciousness

I never really understood the idea of success consciousness, but especially recently I am starting to feel more and more success… conscious. And I still can’t fully figure out how it happened, even though I know it started somewhere in my deepest down in life around two years ago, towards the end of the year 2012. And, if you have read more here you will know, it started somehow with the book Think and Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill. And while writing this I realize I often think I never got my ‘break’, the thing I believe most or all successful people have. But maybe this was just my ‘break’, meeting Napoleon Hill and his ideas about how to achieve success. And maybe was the person who gave me the book, actually lent me his, the person who gave me my break. As I also believe there must be some person giving someone his or her ‘break’ towards success. But no, while writing this it was not really like that, but please note how I somehow am looking very positively at that event, where before I would just have not realized how a simple event like lending someone a book could be something very special, something very positive.

And that is what I notice more and more, how I see most things happening to me now as a positive, as the Universe helping me to achieve success, where before I was just annoyed, as I guess most people are, when I had to wait for something or if things don’t turn out the way I expected them to be. Like today I was in such a situation where my two meetings, the main reason I went to the city for, were cancelled, postponed. And before I would just be annoyed and would end up in a very bad mood. But today I just thought that something better must be on the way, that there must be a reason for the delay. And it doesn’t mean that that feeling of being annoyed is not really there and it didn’t mean I didn’t try to push through with the meetings, but I just left it to the Universe, to the other people to decide whether they would still be able or want to entertain me. And I just went my way, did my errands, enjoyed the extra time I had, relaxed a bit and finally decided to just go home. Or not go home, as I decided to visit an acquaintance I wanted to visit already for quite some time, but never really did. And that person was not there, but his brother was, and he offered me a cup of coffee, which I decided to take. And he didn’t really seem to want to entertain me, but when he was out for a smoke another visitor and me found ourselves having a nice chat.

So yes, something I never realized before, never wanted to believe before, most or maybe even all what happens to us, or at least the way it happens to us or what we do with it, how we feel about it, is just in the mind. And if your mindset is negative, you will experience negative, as if your mindset is negative you will focus on the negative, and more important, your environment will react to it, will indeed join you in your vibration, as Abraham Hicks often points it out so nice. And there is not even a real secret to it. Just imagine what would have happened if I had reacted to my cancelled, my postponed meetings in a negative way, in a disappointed or frustrated way. I would have just been annoyed or angry. Or just blame the other parties for not keeping to their agreement with me. So I would have reacted differently to the other people I met, I would have behaved differently, would have done different things, something like finishing my errands in stress and trying to go home as quickly as possible or something. So I would feel right now that I had a bad day, a shitty day and I would have probably experienced that other people had reacted very different to me, in my angry, annoyed mood. And I would certainly not have visited my friends place, meaning no coffee and no nice chat.

And don’t get me wrong, I can still get annoyed and I was certainly not happy while I was just on the way and my first meeting partner cancelled the meeting. And also not when my second meeting partner also wanted to postpone the meeting, meaning that I could have just skipped my visit to the city, something that still involves quite some time and effort as I don’t have a car. But I quickly changed my thoughts, starting indeed with the thought that there must be a good reason for this and that the Universe had its reasons for what happened, maybe even meeting that person I met the end of the day.

Please note that if you are still more into the negative thinking and don’t understand those things yet, those things took me more than half a life time to learn, to understand, to experience. But if even a hard headed person like me can turn around and learn to see the positive side of things, I’m sure you also can learn this. As it seems it’s just a learned skill, a habit, that can be learned, acquired by just a little bit of practice. And yes, step one is awareness, be aware of your thoughts. Once you got there, the rest is relatively easy.