I did it again

I did it again today, even though somewhere during the day I realized I had planned too much. But somehow I managed to finish again all the things I planned for today and I have been doing that for a week now or so. Or maybe even a bit longer. And around fifteen minutes ago it felt as if Infinite Intelligence came to help me, as I had planned to reconnect a computer i was installing for a friend to the network again as inexplicably that computer was not able to connect to other computers anymore. But somehow I did the right things and suddenly it reconnected without re-installing anything I had planned.

So now only left this post and my Dutch post and the daily update of my gratitude page.

And somehow I still feel a little insecure if I’m not doing the same I did my whole life, like pushing through when I shouldn’t, like being very stubborn. But somehow I also feel proud and somehow I also feel I may be doing the right things in the right way, or at least in a better way. As I understand habits are very strong and proper habits would lead to success. And as far as I have read things like planning, discipline, not changing decisions easily and persistence are considered good habits. And those are the things I have been doing for the last week or so.

And I know I’m not there yet as there are some things I don’t know how to deal with. But somehow it seems have I planning much more careful now, in a way that I really can finish my planning every day. And I don’t feel really inspired at the moment, but somehow I’m proud that it seems that I have improved in planning and pushing through with it. And the main things seem to be to plan very carefully, state very carefully what I am going to do or accomplish, and to NOT do things I did not plan, but plan them somewhere else, on another day.

And one major thing that is bothering me is that it seems so little, the things I can do in one day. And another thing that is bothering me is how to deal with things that are beyond my control. And still the most difficult thing is ‘people’, how to find people to cooperate with or how to find people to do the things I want to get done. As again, it seems so little what one person in one day can do. And I know I am good at the things I do, like Internet Marketing and web development.

But yes, I guess I have reason to be proud of myself, that somehow I have been able to find a way to plan that suits me, that works, starting with a plan for one day and now a plan for a week, even though I was not able to fully extend my planning for a week the last few days. But it’s not one day anymore, so what if I can manage to extend it to a month or a year. That would be something and that is certainly my goal.

And that is where the success can start, will start.

So yes, start with one day at the time, start with a little thing like making the bed every day. And then extend it a bit. And do it slowly, very slowly. And just go back to be proud of making the bed only if you can’t make it yet.

Good luck!

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