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For the last week or so I have been a bit impatient, as I wanted the site to be ready for 2015. And that meant among other things updating the code for displaying the daily inspirational quotes for the page daily inspirational quotes 2015. As I hard coded the checking of the year in that code, which I don’t consider good programming practice, but was a good enough solution until now and could be good enough for at least the near future.

So I intended to wait until it was really needed, but today I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I just created that page and added the necessary few lines of code to handle the display of the 2015 quotes. And somewhere in my mind is that another update is needed, but maybe I’m wrong and was it just creating an additional page for my gratitude diary in the Dutch site.

And actually I don’t want to do retrospective things related to the ‘past year’ or do ‘good intentions things’ for the coming year, but somehow it seems that is hard to escape. And Napoleon Hill even recommends it, a yearly check on progress, so maybe I’ll still do that one of these days.

And it is strange, as Inspiration for Success, kind of starting with my Dutch blog now more than two years ago, somehow is completely different than when I started it. Or not really different, but more like it has progressed, it has grown. The strange thing with it is though that the traffic went down recently, quite a lot, where I expected it to go up all the time, as I have continued to write every day, except Sundays. And that hurts a lot as I expected, as I presumed, that the traffic would go up, especially as I kept writing. And recently I have even written more than average as I also added and changed some pages and added functionality for the top inspirational sites part.

And believe me, that hurts a lot, that the traffic went down, went down a lot. And that the number of links towards the site does not increase, or at least not visible. As it still takes a lot to write every day and also trying to improve the functionality of the site. And no, I couldn’t find the strength to improve the inspirational tools, a part of the site I thought could be, would be, very useful for people.

So yes, it is very good to experience the satisfaction of writing every day. And seeing that in the graph of the number of indexed pages in Google Webmaster Tools. And of somehow see the site grow also in other ways, even though it is very slow. And somehow I know that if I just continue, if I just persist adding stuff to the site, the traffic will increase. And with that also the use of the inspirational tools. And the subscribers to the daily inspirational quote.

But no matter my personal progress in discipline and habits and such, it would be nice to see the traffic and the use of the inspirational tools grow. As yes, I am quite sure that would inspire me to do more, to improve and expand Inspiration for Success in a way I had in mind when I started it.

So yes, if you would be willing to write a comment; or just check the inspirational tools; or give some feedback; or sign up to the daily inspirational quote; or create a link to the site or one of the pages in the site. That would really inspire me, really make me happy.

But if not, that’s also okay. As I have learned that with persistence, yes combined with the right mindset and some other things, you can achieve anything. So certainly a bit more traffic and better use for Inspiration for Success.