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No need, thanks

Strange, how the Universe works. Or God, if you prefer that, if you believe in that. As just now someone complained to me about something I had posted in Facebook and was kind of asking me, pushing me, ‘as we are friends’, to delete it. And I didn’t really like it, as to me it was a genuine comment on something he had posted. But somehow I decided to give in to the request and remove the comment. As somehow I had the feeling that for ‘Filipino friendship’ reasons that would be the right thing to do.

And then, somehow we continued chatting. And somehow we ended up me sharing about the problems I have in life, with business and with my partner, even though these two things are quite related, as it is mainly about ‘finance’, about income, about how my/our business is doing.

And it was strange, as this person is not a really close friend of mine, even though he related to ‘friendship’. But I guess, again, this is something Filipino, and I am trying to learn, trying to understand more about that.

So I found myself sharing a lot about my problems, basically my relationship problems. And he was just listening, responding to that. So yes, after quite a while I realized it was all about me. And I realized I was tired, as I guess these things are quite emotional for me. Yes, of course they are emotional for me, as these are things I have been struggling with for a long time and I never found a real solution to them, except starting this huge project that is supposed to, well, make me rich and finally make me successful. But that is future and for now I still believe the best option for my, for our daily needs is my knowledge and experience with ‘anything internet‘.

So I found myself getting very tired and wanting to stop the conversation. So I told him. And then I realized this conversation had mostly been about me. And that is sensitive for me, as my partner often says that my conversations are mostly about me.

And of course he understood, he agreed. So he just wished me goodnight. And then I realized that it had been most or all about me. So I said ‘I hope I can do something back’. And the reply was very simple: “No need. Thanks.”. And that hit me. As something was just given to me, for free, no questions asked, no returns asked, no favors asked. Where I often think people don’t give things to me, for free. And where I think I give a lot, without getting anything in return. But that is not true. As I do get things, and no, not in return. I just receive things, things just given to me. Like tonight.

So I felt very grateful, for this friend listening to me, spending his time with me. So yes, thank you <name better kept private>. And thank you, Lord, as I felt very grateful for this unexpected chat, this unexpected friendship.

Yes, the Lord, the Universe has strange ways. As it all began with a complaint, with some kind of ‘negative’. And it ended up sooooo positive.


The Universe said something like ‘relax’ to me today. And at first I didn’t want to listen, but finally I gave in. And instead of chasing people for meetings I found some very nice people visiting me and had a very nice dinner with a friend in the city later on.

So yes, better listen to the Universe, like when you feel tired and just know you need rest.

So also right now it is time to relax a bit more.

Tomorrow more.

Coincidence, I don’t think so

Last time I extended my planning, a bunch of dated scratch paper in a folder, extended up to a specific date like September 30 or so, somehow the date I had in mind or something. And I did the extension from a pile of scratch paper that I slowly added without a date or anything in that folder. So for today I had planned to extend my planning up to October 31, 2014 and while doing it of course I was wondering if the Universe had somehow matched the prepared empty scratch papers with only holes in them. So I started putting dates on the empty scratch papers and added them in the right place in the folder (there are some planning papers further in the future) one by one. And getting closer to the date of October 31, 2014 I realized that the scratch papers were not enough to reach that date. So I ran out of paper at October 28, 2014, meaning I needed three additional scratch papers (as October 31, 2014 was already there). So I was kind of laughing at myself, like how could it be possible to have the exact amount of scratch paper to reach the planned extension, as that pile of prepared scratch paper is just randomly extended whenever I have suitable scratch paper on my desk.

So I was standing up, laughing, to find some more scratch paper. And then I realized I had separated the pile of scratch paper in two parts, as there were some things from previous days I wanted to copy to the new planning. And imagine, that second pile consisted of two pages I had used for previous days and, yes, three empty pages that would exactly extend my planning up to October 31, 2014.

Coincidence? I don’t think so. It seems the Universe is really telling me that I am on the right way or something, with all kinds of amazing things that are happening to me recently, since I am starting to be myself, live my own life, do my own things instead of listening to others ‘how to live my life’.

Thank you, Universe (or God or Infinite Intelligence, or whatever you believe is what goes beyond our understanding).

Best vibration possible

The last days, weeks, I am very tired. And no matter how much I try to feel good, it doesn’t really seem to result in inspired action, the thing I am looking for. And yes, somehow I have the feeling that I needed this, needed to stop, needed to relax. But losing time is my basic feeling, as indicated by Napoleon Hill. But yes, indeed, without inspired action nothing happens. And maybe indeed the Universe needs time to get into place. As I have some quite big plans and dreams and somehow I have the feeling this time I will succeed.

So maybe just pray for me.


Well, interesting, people checking my LinkedIn profile. And of course everybody would be wondering what is my relation with internet and submarine cables. As there is nothing like that in my LinkedIn profile. And even someone called me ‘weird’, which I guess it’s true.

But the truth is that I am starting to believe that I can actually do something, even in a new industry, in an industry I hardly know anything about. And yes, that somehow confidence is key. And persistence of course. And the weird thing is that somehow also other people believe in me and are somehow interested in my ‘crazy’ ideas.

So it seems there is some truth in it, that it is lonely at the top, that there are not so many people doing the real big things, going for something big.

So yes, time will tell if I indeed will achieve something big. But somehow my confidence is growing and somehow I get the feeling the Universe is starting to help me. And yes, I did change my outlook, my focus. Indeed, looking more to do something for other people, in this case trying to provide Filipinos with better internet.

So thank you, Napoleon Hill, who inspired me for all those things and makes me believe. And thank you, person who gave me the book, even though how that went was kind of strange, even embarrassing.

So yes, God has strange ways to achieve things.

Thank you, Lord.