Goals, Master Mind and belief

The Power of the Master Mind

Today i had a discussion with one of the Master Mind group members for this site, for this project. Actually the discussion started a few days ago when he mentioned in an e-mail that my one million dollar goal is a personal goal. He suggested that each of the Master Mind Group members, or actually team members, should set his or her own goal in relation to the project as he didn’t feel connected with that goal. Or at least it seems it gives him a feeling like it’s too big, too ambitious in too short amount of time.

Actually I was a bit amazed, but also not really, that he came up with that issue now. I presumed he and his fellow team member fully understood what this site and related project is all about. But it seems he doesn’t or doesn’t yet or didn’t. And that he doesn’t know is of course also logical, as the whole project started for me around three quarters of a year ago, started with reading in and working from Think and Grow Rich, implementing and experiencing the principles of success from that book. And reading other books, and reading related sites and doing some exercises on related sites. And reading more books.

And then a few months ago I started this site, that basically started from another site a one or two months earlier. And then the sample goal evolved from all kinds of things, including the related plan.

So indeed, how can a team member that just joined a few weeks ago and didn’t find a lot of time yet  to understand the project. Understanding like reading and understanding the many posts and pages on the site.

Anyhow, as you may know leadership (or Master Mind) is not my natural strength, but I’m very happy to have two team members already who support me and I hope I can induce them in the correct way to achieve the goals I have in mind. And be able to give them their one million dollar, even though the sample goal is not the main objective of this project and the site. Or is it? I think in a way it is, because the money is kind of the desire, my desire, and the giving is kind of the site and the one million dollar to the team members. But after this already long process about “success” it becomes clearer and clearer that the whole road to success is a, well, weird mix of giving, taking, receiving, manipulating, power, inducing and many more things. Maybe just summarized as leadership.

And again, I deviated a bit from the title as the article was meant to be something like how to make the Master Mind group believe in the goals so they will really start moving, doing things, really helping to push forward towards achieving the goals. And indeed, when that happens, I’m quite sure I may be amazed how big the effect could be as what Napoleon Hill also describes in Think and Grow Rich.

One thought on “Goals, Master Mind and belief

  1. John

    Hi Guus,

    I liked that post pretty much; and I guess, now we are really within a very helpful discussion which makes things clearer. Looking forward to go on with that, and in the end we will be successful – no matter what goal we set in the beginning…


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