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Self analysis, question 51

I am still scared, scared of people. So today’s question,

“Who among your acquaintances

a. encourages you most

b. cautions you most

c. discourages you most?”

somehow scares me, not in the last place as I feel I have no friends.

But the question mentions acquaintances, so let’s start there.

And related to (a) I can’t imagine anyone encouraging me. So that’s a quick answer.

And with who cautions me most the first thing that comes to mind is my mam. And the second my partner. But they are not acquaintances.

And who discourages me most is my partner.

So a strange post today, strange answers.

So the main thing may be is what I am going to do about it. As this doesn’t sound good.


I am a bit discouraged and that also meant that the last few days, when I was out of town and it was difficult to access the internet I didn’t write my daily posts here. And I experience that I am becoming more and more relaxed with my daily posts here, even though I did some good work with the self analysis questions, but still.

And I know what is behind my discouragement and that is actually very simple: my activities here, with this site don’t seem to give any real return, at least not to me. Or maybe stated better, the site and the idea didn’t take off as I expected it to.

So what to do? Something needs to change, but what. Do I need to change my plan? At least that is what Napoleon Hill suggests: if something doesn’t work it means your plan is not sound, so create a new plan and set sail again to the thing you want. But that brings me to some difficult decision as I am not sure what I want anymore with this site, with this project.

And no, this site is not my definite purpose. Or is it? Maybe it is related still.

But anyhow, very frustrating there are no comments and no team and I have no clue if anyone appreciates what I am doing, even though I know many people like the daily quotes.

But I also have my needs and they are not being met.

So what to do?