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Self analysis, question 53

Today’s question, “When others offer you free, unsolicited advice, do you accept it without question, or analyze their motive?, is something that is often in my mind. And right now I am thinking of some advice, or actually help, that someone offered me yesterday. And it was not fully unsolicited, but I didn’t like the advice as it was not an answer to the help I asked for.

So yes, often, or maybe always, advice or opinions given are probably more in the interest of the person giving the advice or help than the one asking for it or needing it.

And I guess I am more vulnerable to advice and opinion than I think, so I will think more about the reasons behind advice or opinions given.

Self analysis, question 51

I am still scared, scared of people. So today’s question,

“Who among your acquaintances

a. encourages you most

b. cautions you most

c. discourages you most?”

somehow scares me, not in the last place as I feel I have no friends.

But the question mentions acquaintances, so let’s start there.

And related to (a) I can’t imagine anyone encouraging me. So that’s a quick answer.

And with who cautions me most the first thing that comes to mind is my mam. And the second my partner. But they are not acquaintances.

And who discourages me most is my partner.

So a strange post today, strange answers.

So the main thing may be is what I am going to do about it. As this doesn’t sound good.

Self analysis, question 39

I just got an e-mail I don’t like so much as it is a request for additional information about mistakes I have made. And it makes me scared and it also annoys me, as I could have never made the mistakes if I wouldn’t have taken the responsibility I took. So I am quite affected by this in a negative way as I hoped I would have gotten away with my mistakes but apparently I didn’t.

So what does this mean? Should I have never taken this responsibility? I guess not. And what have I learned from it? Well, not sure, as I believe I still make similar mistakes.

Anyhow, maybe just go with today’s self analysis question, as I am trying to develop the habit of not dealing with things straight away, like dealing with this e-mail or answering it right now. But I do feel very uncomfortable right now, but maybe today’s question will help me get some more clarity on this.

And today’s question is “Do you form your own opinions or permit yourself to be influenced by other people”? And I guess this certainly relates to the situation related to the e-mail, as my own opinion is that I made mistakes, but the other side also made mistakes. And other involved parties made mistakes. And I am certainly influenced by other people in this case as I take their opinions so serious that I am really affected by it.

Ah, and another opinion of myself is that I still don’t know how I could have done things differently as given the same situation, the same circumstances I would probably do the same.

And how would I make up for the mistakes, correct the mistakes? Well, that is a very difficult question that I don’t know how to answer, as I don’t see any reasonable way to correct the mistakes. And I am quite sure the other party or parties involved would know how I should correct the mistakes. But I don’t agree with that opinion. As they are not me and don’t know my exact situation, don’t know what I feel, where I stand, why I did and do what I did and do.

And this all goes back to that we all grow up by experiencing others opinions, about right and wrong for example.

So what is really ‘my’ opinion?

Self analysis, question 22

It is late and I am very tired and I am not sure if I am sacrificing my private life too much, but I still want to stick to my daily writing, so I’ll just continue with question 22: “How many preventable disturbances annoy you, and why do you tolerate them?”.

And here again, a small detail, as with some questions before: the word preventable. So again Napoleon Hill implies there are things you cannot prevent, you cannot control, something I believed is not true.

And that is still the hard part of life I guess, deciding what is preventable and what is not, what is controllable and what is not.

And next thing that makes me think here is what a disturbance is. As the first thing that comes in my mind is ‘debt’ and the second thing is ‘house’. And the third thing is partner. But these things are not ‘disturbances’, or are they?

And are they preventable? Yes, I could sell the house and pay all my debts. And I could leave my partner and live ‘free’. But those two things happen to be the most important things in my life, as I believe in lifetime relationships and I believe in something like ‘home’. So why do I allow the disturbance ‘debt’ in my life, well, because there are things that are more important to me than that.

Still, I am suffering from that and I still don’t fully know why. As somehow I made and make definite decisions about this. And again, there is a preventable disturbance related to ‘debt’, even if I want to keep the house and stay with my partner. As I am quite sure there are better places in the world to earn money than Cagayan de Oro City in The Philippines. So I could just leave and pay off my debt and return when I have enough money to live from or invest in something new or existing.

But again, what keeps me from doing that is that I don’t believe in long distance relationships and that I don’t want to run away anymore and make it work here, not somewhere else.

But are these wise choices? I guess not, at least that is what most people would say? But who are most people?