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Self analysis question 46

I am still very tired and not really in the mood to write anything, so I could either write a very short post like this or still continue with the self analysis questions. And I just decided on the last and today’s question is “What connection, if any, do you see between the people with whom you associate most closely, and any unhappiness you may experience?”.

And yes, the first thing that comes into my mind is that the person I associate with most closely, my partner, may be the cause of my unhappiness. And yes, I guess you would ask why I (still) allow that. And I often ask that to myself of course. And I have no real answer to that. Or actually I have a lot, but I don’t want to share that here. What I do want to share is that I am still not sure if this whole thing has anything to do with my partner (doubt?!). And I could share that it has something to do with the definite purpose I chose.

And I am thinking of other people I associate closely and I don’t really see any cause for unhappiness there, although I found that talking with my mam often upset me. But I think I am in the process of changing that.

And now I really feel tired and not really able to write anything sensible here. So I guess the best thing is to rest and sleep, even though there are some things I still want to finish before sleeping.

Self analysis: question 1

Recently I have been overwhelmed by the most dangerous ‘ghost of fear’, the fear of poverty and in analogy of what I have done in my Dutch site related to codependency I want to answers the self analysis questions from Napoleon Hill as stated in the chapter The Six Ghosts of Fear. And today is a good day to start, as this morning, and the last few mornings and days, I woke up pretty tense, so tense that I could hardly get started doing anything the beginning of the day.

So the first question “Do you complain often of “feeling bad”, and if so, what is the cause?” may be very applicable to my current state and what I am doing in this post and probably am doing in this site. As somehow I started this post with complaining about feeling tense. And feeling tense is inclusive of feeling bad. And looking back at the site I think many of my posts include complaints and probably complaints related to feeling bad.

So yes, it seems I often complain about feeling bad. And as far as I know that is also the reason that many friends don’t want to deal with me anymore, avoid me. And of course I don’t like that and of course that makes me feel bad. So I may be in some kind of circle, feeling bad and with that also creating circumstances that make me feel bad or worse.

So what is the reason behind my feeling bad, what is the cause? And I never found a real answer to that, even though I have read this question quite a few times and also did some effort a while ago to really answer those questions honestly, working on them honestly.

The first thing that comes up with me right now though is that I don’t feel appreciated, that the cause of my feeling bad is that I don’t feel appreciated, or more specifically that my efforts are not being appreciated. And even more specifically that my efforts are not being appreciated by others, especially customers, or before ‘bosses’. And, together with what I have been doing, reading, researching lately, this may indeed be the root cause of my unhappiness, my complaining, that I don’t feel appreciated by others.

And maybe, while writing, the main reason behind that is that I don’t appreciate myself, that I don’t appreciate my efforts or the results of my efforts or just myself. And maybe this first analysis question just points me again to something I found quite a while ago in Think and Grow Rich, that the main cause of failure is lack of self confidence. And that the main ingredient for achieving success is self confidence. And right now I want to add that the main ingredient for success may even just be self acceptance, or more positively stated, self appreciation. As maybe it is true that if you can’t appreciate yourself, how can someone else appreciate you?

So maybe work on that, start with that, looking more at who I am and what I am doing here and appreciating that, just that, appreciating myself.