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Inspiration from an empty screen

Yeah, as mostly I realized I didn’t write here yet, my daily post. And I was a bit scared of the blank screen as I didn’t know what to write. And I still don’t, as you can imagine from the title “Inspiration from an empty screen”. But somehow it’s an interesting title, don’t you think? I mean, I thought something like I want to inspire people, write an inspirational post. And somehow ’empty’ invites creation, inspires creation one could say. So right now I am thinking I could have left the post empty, so you could have your own thoughts ‘reading’ it, making some creation yourself. And I am also thinking that the screen somehow invited me to write, always invites me to write. So in that way an empty screen is inspiring, at least to me.

And yeah, I am thinking more and more about where to go with Inspiration for Success. As somehow of course I want to be a famous blogger.And yes, of course I still want to write about my success, so you could find all my old stuff being in a similar mood like me and realizing that no matter how shitty you feel or how much of a complainer you are or whatever, that you could still reach success, be successful.

But until now I have not been very successful, at least not in career and finance, the things I have in mind when I think about success. So I don’t have much to share like (other?) successful people like Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins. Or maybe Leo Babauta, but he is not really my sample for success.

So while writing right now I realize that I very much know what i am looking for. Something like fame and riches. And not just be a blogger or something. And maybe also not like a CEO of a large company or something, unless it’s a famous company like Facebook or Google. But then again, who knows who is the CEO of Google? And I guess most people wouldn’t know the name Larry Page, one of the founders of Google.

So yes, this empty page did something inspiring to me. As it makes me realize what I am exactly looking for. Something like fame and (public?) success. And not just money or something. So something to think about.

So what about you? Do you really know what you want, what you want in life? Or what success is to you? If not, you might want to start with an empty page. And if you know and you’re not there yet, you may also want to find an empty page and start writing. As writing helps, helps organize your thoughts, as speaking aloud does. But that’s another story.

Party time

Well, what will I write now, being in the middle of a party. And writing in a situation like this reminds me of stories about successful people, how they do it, doing things like I am doing right now. Like writing my daily post no matter what, even though I guess this post will be pretty short as I think it is better for everybody if I stay with the party instead of writing a post that in the end is not that important. As I guess nobody would really care if I write this post today or not, as I don’t have that many people reading these daily posts and I don’t send any e-mails to inform people there is something new on the site.

And yes, of course I am doubting more and more if what I am doing here makes any sense, or especially if anybody would read it some day. As as far as I know my daily posts are not really read by anybody. And also I may need to learn a bit more flexibility, so it might be a better option to skip my writing on a day like today. And yes, as you may or may not know, I did skip some days, but not many. And not for reasons like today, for ‘having a party’. I skipped only on days where I was really on the way or I was really, really down and felt like I could not write.

So what is true about those stories about success, about doing more, doing different than ‘other people’. Like I do right now, as I am sure not many people would do what I am doing right now. Will my persistence and discipline really pay off on the long term? As until now in my feeling this site has not been really successful, at least not in adding value to other people by most of my posts, at least if I look at the traffic to the site, at most of the pages, or the posts. Or should I be a little more flexible, a little less stubborn. And yes, as you can read today, until now I still choose to do my daily writing, as somehow I believe that my persistence and discipline will pay off, also in the long term, for the site, for the visitors of the site. And yes, for the short time it somehow pays off already, as I learned an awful lot about persistence, discipline and the habit that I have developed with this daily writing. So I think it’s good I just finished this post.

Self love

Strange, I just got an e-mail from Marc and Angel hack life and while searching for the link I find it’s kind of a copy of 7 Things to Remember When You Think You’re Not Good Enough.

And then I ended up here: http://journeyofasoulsearcher.blogspot.com/

So a lot to read, but not here right now.

Being a writer

Today the post of Leo Babauta stuck kind of in my mind. As he states something like ‘write every day’. And ‘create a blog’. And in my mind is now something that I’m not really a writer as Leo states that he started writing when he was seven or so. And right now I was reading I should not just write about myself, as I mostly do. I should have a purpose. And that’s what lately has been missing a bit. Where lately I guess means quite some time already.

But yes, let’s not forget that no matter what I have been writing every day. And I am writing now, even though it’s late, my back aches, I’m coughing and I just want to rest. And I don’t know what to write. Or at least I don’t know what to write that would be of use. But again, I guess I’m too hard on myself, as I want to inspire people, before for success as I thought what success was. But now more inspire people to achieve their goals. Or their main goal in life.

And yes, I am writing to improve the world. And that’s also why I have been writing so much about my internet problems and such. As I want people to read it and have some influence. And yes, I’m good in search engine optimization, so consciously or unconsciously I have been and am building some kind of internet structure to do something about what Globe and Smart could improve, should improve. And through them I want to reach other companies to improve, to make the world for humans again, not for organizations.

So well, maybe this post is part of all that. Of me trying to improve the world, trying to reach out, trying to find readers. So I would have some influence. As I’m sure Leo has.