Laws of the Universe

The things I found (again) in the chapter The Brain of Think and Grow Rich stay stuck in my mind, together with the things I encountered in the Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous. As somehow it seems you need to leave things to your (the?) Higher Power, somehow it seems you can’t do anything alone as a human being. Or just can’t do anything.

So then what is my purpose, comes up immediately. Or why am I suffering so much then. And what about my free will and my needs and wants?

So I am thinking about that Napoleon Hill puts a remark that the book is not about anything religious or God or something, but somehow it still seems to be, somehow the more and more I read it, the book is (also) about religion, about how it all came to be, how it all works. And he phrases it very nicely in the chapter The Brain: “all of us are controlled by forces which are unseen and intangible”. But somehow we have the power of Thought, of Creation through thought. And somehow something is listening to us and answering us. As I experimented with that today and somehow I had the feeling that my questions were answered by ‘something’ outside of myself.

And yes, I have been setting myself up for those things, as the last few days I had some encounters and meetings with my virtual cabinet. And somehow it seemed, it seems that you can summon others, can summon ‘things’. And I experienced that strongest in some Family Constellations meetings.

So today I strongly asked for help in a way passing it to the spiritual world, I think in a way as I never have done before. And the answer was very strong, that help was on the way, that there was more help on the way than I could have ever imagined. And something that I should be careful with what I have wished for, that there is some kind of danger in what I want, what I wanted, what I asked for.

But the general feeling was positive, that there is help on the way and that my suffering will be over soon.

So I am very curious what is going to happen next. And yes, this was the first time I really let go of wanting to control things, this was one of the few times I really left it to the Higher Power how to let things happen…

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