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Unexpected Baguio

So I wanted to travel the unusual road and I did. And more and more miracles seem to come my way as I ended up in the weirdest place I could have ever imagined. And I probably won’t even see Baguio City itself as I just figured out it would take too much time to pass by there from here

Domog Village Inn Bistro and Café.
Domog Village Inn Bistro and Café

So where is here? Here is Domog Village Inn Bistro and Café, an establishment just outside Bauko on the road to Bontoc. And why weird? Well, life seems to stop here at six pm. And I did not really know what to expect, but not a place and a road so quiet as this, especially not on an area I considered a tourist area.

Bauko to Bontoc road.
The road that is quiet after 6 pm

And again kind of a placeholder to be continued, but I want to catch the moment.

Self analysis, question 32

Today feels like the right day to continue with the self analysis questions and today’s question is “Do you face squarely the circumstances which make you unhappy, or sidestep the responsibility?”. And I don’t like this question as I have the feeling that I am indeed sidestepping the responsibility for the circumstances that make me unhappy. As yes, I am mostly still very unhappy, even though tonight I felt okay, probably because I made some decision I did not like to make related to my DoctorsConnect project. And the strange thing is the decision makes me kind of feel relieved, even though I don’t really like all of the consequences that come with it, but at least I have the feeling now that I can move on where until today I felt stuck with one of the team members not performing.

So yes, it seems that facing the circumstances that make you unhappy (and dealing with them) helps make one feel better, as I am feeling a lot better. Still, there are quite some circumstances I don’t want to face, kind of avoid. And I am avoiding them because I don’t see any solution, at least not a solution that fits my goals and dreams. Still, the situation doesn’t get any better, so somehow I have the feeling I am doing something wrong.

And yes, again the word responsibility, a word that I don’t fully understand as often I keep hanging in blame, blaming the Universe or God for the bad circumstances I feel I am in.

So no, I don’t face the circumstances that make me unhappy squarely and yes, i guess I am sidestepping the responsibility (for the circumstances). And I always want solutions, but maybe I should just stick with the analysis for now, the admission that I don’t feel responsible for my circumstances or have all kinds of excuses to avoid responsibility for them.

Infinite Intelligence

The last days, weeks, maybe months I have been starting to follow my inner feelings a bit more, something like following Infinite Intelligence a bit more. And it takes me away from all those pressuring things I feel and felt from what everybody, what the world has taught me over the years, since I’m in this world.

And it seems that whenever I do that, follow my inner feelings, the more I do that, no matter how weird or ‘bad’ it seems, things are falling more into place, things go smoother in the end.

Like often I just move around, sit or lie down somewhere or grab a book or some other text or something when I feel ‘bad’ and want to feel better, want to do something ‘good’, feel ‘good’. And mostly, if I just follow my gut feel, I end up with something useful, with something that I just need at that moment.

And there is still this ‘have to’ feeling, that has been with me so long and that has been so bad for me. Like the last few weeks, months, my daily schedule has moved from ‘normal day times’ to something like ‘noon’ to ‘long after midnight’ and I consider it bad. And I’m not happy with it. But I don’t know what to do with it, how to change it back, back to normal.

But my ‘not moving’ all goes back to some deep unhappiness, some deep feeling of unfulfillment, some feeling of ‘wrong’ that I can’t, couldn’t get hold of. And I know it has everything to do with ‘not being me’, not accepting or appreciating who I am, following others too much.

And slowly I’m letting go of that. Slowly I’m accepting that this is who I am, that what I feel is the right thing, that if I feel like lying down it’s often, or maybe always the right thing to do. That it’s not plainly ‘laziness’ as my partner often calls it.

So this morning again, when I was later again than I thought, but at least a little earlier than yesterday, I got this impulse of getting the ‘next day’ of the “thirty day program of Abraham Hicks“, at the moment meaning I’m just getting the next or what feels like “the next” from my pile of papers.

And I found this (from the teachings of Abraham Hicks):

“Only by seeing examples of others who appreciate and approve of and like themselves, can anyone be inspired to self-appreciation. Unfortunately, there are few such examples around.

You would recognize one another who truly appreciates him[her]self by noting these characteristics:

They are genuinely happy. Not offering insincere smiles but the warm and genuine smile that comes from the eyes as well as the heart. They are one who appreciates you, seeing things in you that you would like to see in you, pointing out to you things that you, perhaps, have never seen about yourself…


and this:

Allowing Others The Same Freedom:

“Once you understand the power of thought, you will joyously experience your own freedom to express and to be as you are – while you will be willing to allow all others the same freedom. As more of you reach this state of being, it will be a time of peace and a time of contentment and a time of wondrous joy upon your Planet Earth.

The Law of Attraction and the Law of Creation are universal. They apply to all dimensions and to all experience, physical and Non-physical. And just as they apply to your individual creating, to that creating that does not involve others, such as the maintenance of perfect health – they also appy to what you create, through the form of agreements, one with another.”

And especially the first part struck me, as that seems the core of what I have been looking for. Seeing examples of others, feeling inspired by others.

And again, that’s what this whole site is about, that’s what I want to give to the world.

So for me the answer for today seems to be that I first need to appreciate and approve of myself before I can inspire others.

And the same of course would apply to you.

And I just found a page on Psychology Today that may be interesting to read more about this: love yourself.