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Earning as a blogger

Today I got an e-mail from Alden Tan as I get many. Often even e-mails with the same text with a different title, ‘as that works’ according to him. And his e-mail was about the commercial side of his blogging, the commercial side of blogging in general. That most bloggers earn from advertisements and people clicking on links. And ‘that works’. And I don’t mind, as I also earn from some of my sites, our sites (as most are earned by the company of me and my partner). And the last year the income from these sites were very welcome, looking at the financial status I am still in.

And his e-mail made me think, again, about this site. And yes, I know it has become some kind of personal diary, often of my problems and stuff, maybe even a site with my complaints, with me sometimes or often feeling a victim. So maybe my writing is not always that good, maybe it doesn’t really help people, maybe it isn’t all useful. But especially in the beginning I did my very best to also put more useful content, especially in the form of pages related to stuff I learned from the Principles of Success as described in Think and Grow Rich. And I started the IFS Tools, on my own in the end, as I couldn’t find any programmer to help me with it. And yes, I know they are kind of a draft, far from perfect and I guess for them being really useful they would need to be extended a bit. But when is good good enough?

Ah, and yes, I send a daily quote, now to around 150 e-mail addresses, partially from my initially entering e-mail addresses I had and found, but more recently from people signing up, as it is supposed to be.

So no, until now I didn’t earn anything with this site. And that bothers me. As either it is useless, except maybe for myself, or people just don’t care about the people behind many things like this blog, as ‘everything internet’ is ‘free’. And yes, I am also guilty of that, of using all kinds of stuff for free. As that is how the market works, first giving things for free, and in a later stage charge. Or just charge for additional stuff.

Well, the above makes me think again. As I still don’t understand how Facebook e.g. works. How can so many people use a system so much for free, presumably hardly clicking on advertisements, and Facebook still making a profit? Yes, maybe I still don’t fully understand what is real ‘mass production’ or ‘mass use’, the benefits of millions or billions of people using something. And even so, are we still willing to use services by paying for it indirectly, to especially the large companies paying for their advertisements to be put? Is this really the way how we want it? Should I really start putting advertisements here ‘because that is how the market works’? I don’t think so, but sometimes it is frustrating seeing ‘successful people’ and ‘successful companies’ earn so much, where I also do my best to put some value, even if it were just by sharing my thoughts.

P.S. I guess my request for a camera is still some kind of begging and maybe I should rephrase or just buy one, but is there really no one out there having some few years old decent camera he or she doesn’t use anymore and willing to send it to me?

Responsive web design

I am not sure how to relate this post to inspiration or success, but a short message from Seth Godin made me realize how annoyed I am with recent websites, or actually webdesigns that probably claim to be responsive, but that are actually just designs suited to all kinds of mobile devices like tablets. To me ‘responsive web design’ means that in most cases you would probably have to make two or more web designs, each suited to a different device category, or maybe better called screen category.

And I guess I am a bit old fashioned just using a computer and a screen (16×9) and a keyboard, but most recent websites only show very little information in very large letters and with large icons, which don’t make much sense on an ordinary computer. And this tells me that most modern websites, probably sold as ‘modern redesign’ or ‘responsive’ are actually not responsive, but just suitable for small screens and touch screen devices. And I did not recently check statistics on that from the many websites I manage, but I am quite sure many people still use old fashioned computers and browsers like me.

Shame on the industry.

Online report of the way to success

Recently I have been thinking a lot of what to write here. And one of the things is that I want to write more inspirational stuff in the pages part of the site. But that is not ‘here’, the posts part of the site. And another thing is that I wanted especially the posts part of the site to be a kind of diary of my road to success using the Principles of Success as described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich. But the last part is not that easy, as the big project I am working on includes quite some stuff I don’t want everybody to know, especially not Globe and PLDT. But maybe for some parts I will need them and somehow I am also starting to believe more and more that ‘peace’ is better than ‘war’ and that competition should be on quality and service, not price or putting the other party down.

So that is what I learned from Napoleon Hill and that is the main reason why I am taking on this challenge, that is why I think it can work. As I can compete on service, as service is the only thing a company is all about: serving people. And yes, of course shareholders need to be paid and employees need to be happy and be paid. But in the end, the only reason why companies exist is to serve customers, to provide some kind of service or product, nothing more, nothing less. And that is what the big industries seem to forget the last decade or decades or so. As recently it seems to be all about shareholders value and profit and sometimes employees.

And for long I thought it was a combination of all, but the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that companies are all about serving customers, nothing more, nothing less. So indeed, something like the customer is always right, always.

Dare to dream big, bigger

It is strange, what is happening to me, what has happened to me since I started reading Think and Grow Rich around two years ago. And working from it, earlier, let’s not forget about that. And now kind of living it. As somehow this whole thing, this whole experience has given me self confidence, more than I ever had before, more than I could ever imagine. As yesterday I was able to mention some very strange amounts to a sales representative of a very large company. And indicating that if they wouldn’t be willing to help me now, I would presume they are not interested in what I am working on, in my project. And yes, indicating that they would be out, not being considered as a supplier if they would indicate that my project needed to produce sales for them within three months or something, I would bypass them.

And the strange thing is that I meant it. I meant that I would not deal with them in the future if they would not consider me a serious customer right now. And I mentioned the amounts I stated, amounts that would be unimaginable to mention for me two years ago and before.

And don’t misunderstand me, as today I also felt sad, sad that big companies like this company consider themselves so powerful that they wouldn’t want to deal with customers with a time schedule of one to two years, which is I guess is quite common in projects like the one I am working on. Actually they stated something like “if you won’t order within three months we are not there for you, just come back when you are ready to order”. And that made me very sad, as it seems that they only consider customers with buying power, customers that will spend within three months. As what is three months anyhow. What can you do in that type of period, like the feasibility study stage I am in right now. Anyhow, it is their choice, but it is fully against everything what I have learned from Napoleon Hill, the idea that the customer comes first, that doing business, earning money, is all about giving service.

And I had another sample, as one of the hosting providers I am using made me believe they had cut off all the contact forms in all of the sites I am hosting there, where in the end it appeared they only took one site offline. But where I am a customer for years, they refused to put the site online for a week or so to sort out a problem they encountered. No, they just took it offline. So yes, I decided to move that site and sort out the problem later. And yes, the moving of the site probably cost more time than solving the problem itself. But I didn’t have time to fully check everything and being a web developer, an offline site is like a deadly sin. So I moved the site and I would have moved them all, were it not that some of the sites I am hosting there are very difficult to move.

But yes, they made an impression, a very bad one, and it won’t be easy to change my feeling about that company again towards the positive. And I guess I am not the only one. But yes, they are big and I am only one small customer. So who cares?

But I think in the end ignoring one customer can be fatal, can damage your business very much. And I learned that myself the hard way.

So for my new project my main priority is customer service. Give the customer what he wants and needs, no matter what. As in the end that is the only thing that counts. At least if you are building your business for the long term, which I normally prefer to do.

So yes, when I am big, when I have built these big companies, I hope I will remember all this. And maybe that is also why I had to start small and lose it all, in order to grow big and do better, not only for myself, but for the world.

Phones and gadgets

So today I had some time to spare. And I decided to look around a bit for mobile phones. And then I realized that the time for mobile phones is over. As all ‘phones’ I see displayed are specified by amount of memory and such. And a lot of memory, even the simple and cheap ‘phones’. Memory like gigabytes. And this made me think.

It made me think about progress, technological progress. And progress in ‘production’. As when I grew up there were things like Walkman‘s that were new. And stereo equipment with cassette players where as a small boy I liked the large tape drives.

And recently I am thinking if I am getting old or not. As I don’t like to use the ‘tablet type’ user interface that is becoming more common. I am very much used to using a mouse and keyboard and a, preferably, large, simple screen, a simple monitor. And I am very happy with it. And I am a bit annoyed that all websites have been changed the last few years towards the ‘large icon type’, that are mainly built for mobile phones and tablets.

And I was even amazed that the newest Windows version, Windows 8, has a user interface that is also based on ‘tablet use’. And I just don’t like it. I just prefer the good old menu’s and taskbar, even though I know these also evolved over the years (as screens got bigger). And I don’t understand why Windows went to this new user interface for what I thought was and is a desktop operating system.

So yes, I am wondering if I am the only one who would still prefer to use Windows XP, which I still do, as that is just working fine, even though my bank tries to push me towards a ‘more modern’ operating system. But then again, are they going to pay the bill? And what is ‘modern’ in an operating system anyhow? I can imagine some technical reasons as it may not be that easy to keep it all backwards compatible and such. But come on, an operating system is just an operating system and those things don’t change that much. Similar to that car engines or engines in general don’t change that much.

So is it all greed, greed of industrial conglomerates pushing us towards things we don’t really need?

And yes, I do use larger memory and larger disks and stuff as I want to store more stuff and more user friendly programs do use more memory.

But do we really need a completely different operating system for that? And do phones really need an operating system (visible to the user) at all?

Looking forward to your thoughts.