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Yeah, I guess my ideas are pretty communist. And I am not sure if I always have been. But yes, for a long time I have been annoyed with people mixing communism with the political systems in the Soviet Union or China. As to me they have and had nothing to do with the pure idea of communism of doing what you like doing and receiving what you want or need. And I never got how people mixed those totalitarian systems with ‘the state’ controlling everything with communism. As those systems like in Soviet Union and China were about control, where in my idea communism is about freedom.

And who would not want to live in a communist system where you just do the things you like to do and are provided with the things you need and want. But well, while thinking about it, maybe the people who want or need power wouldn’t like it. Or would they? Like is wanting power, wanting to control things, other people really a need or want of some people?

So do I want power? Well, I’m not sure, maybe. A good sample may be what happened earlier today. As one of our female dogs is in heat and of course the young male dog wants to mate, which is kind of funny and sad, as the female dog is a Mini Pinscher and the male dog is a Rottweiler. This of course creates technically a problem, as the Rottweiler is way too large to mate with the Mini Pinscher. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about that of course the male Rottweiler is continuously chasing the Mini Pinscher, which is kind of annoying as sometimes they just sit near my desk, which caused them caught up in the wires of my speakers making my speakers fall on the ground. And of course sometimes I just get tired of all this, and especially when the speakers fell on the floor I got really angry. And yes, at that moment I wanted to control the dogs (exercise power), which I did.

So how would this work in a communist system? Would one still feel violated and want to exercise power in that case, even if one is not power hungry, needy or ‘wanty’?

Not sure, looking forward to your comments.

What was inspiring today?

I had a very bad mood today. And it started yesterday, or maybe even a few days ago. And normally I know ways to get out of that, to find some kind of happiness, but this time that didn’t work very well, until now.

And as this site is about inspiration, is about inspiring people, inspiring people for success, I thought the title “What was inspiring today?” a nice way to start, a way to somehow put my focus somewhere else, away from my bad mood, my bad feeling. But while writing this I feel the tension in my legs, a tension I dread very much, as that was a tension I felt for a long, long time in my previous relationship, when I knew there was something wrong, very very wrong, but didn’t know what to do, didn’t know how to explain that to my partner, talk to my partner.

So yes, I see I am back with my bad mood, with the thing that is bothering me, really bothering me. So I know it is ‘relationship’.

So where to go from here? Am I writing for myself, somehow analyzing my problems, trying to find a solution through my writing? Or should I write for you, write something inspiring? As that is what you are supposed to come here for, for inspiration, for inspirational posts. And that is what is supposed to help, help make one happy, doing something for someone else, ‘giving’ to other people, helping other people. But until now ‘giving’ did not really make me happy, although I know things like smiling at someone else, to someone else, in 99% of the cases rewards you with a smile in return, indeed making one happy. But ‘giving’ to my partner has never made me happy and I hardly ever feel I am getting something in return. And don’t get me wrong, I know ‘giving’ doesn’t work like getting (something in return) for oneself.

And also helping people often doesn’t seem to work, as mostly it seems people don’t want my help, even though it is given by heart.

So often I ask myself if I am really ‘giving’, if I am really helping. Maybe the word ‘give’ means something else to me than to (most) other people. And maybe ‘helping’ something else than what I think it is.

And these kind of things have been bothering me for a long, long time. As I have the feeling I ‘give’ more than I see other people give. And I am very much into helping other people. And I read everywhere that you ‘reap what you sow’.

So if the last is true then I have sown very, very bad seeds all my life. As I feel like I am reaping just misery, lack and things like that. And people are not willing to help me, even if I ask them straight away. And people often want, expect, things from me I don’t have, like money.

And yes, I know I somehow make a mistake there, trying to give things I don’t have. And maybe not being clear enough about my needs; or asking the wrong people. And of course I am wondering if other people feel the same about me, that I don’t give them what they need, help them in a way they need. As if life is about balance, something like that must be the case.

So what was inspiring today? For me, I don’t know. I didn’t really feel inspired, I just had a bad mood and of course that reflected in everything that happened, in everything I did. As indeed I believe that is how the Universe works, that is how the Law of Attraction works.

And what was inspiring for you today? And would you be willing to share that? And would you be willing to let me know what I can ‘give’, what you would want to expect from me? And what help you would need from me? So my ‘giving’ and willingness to help would get some better results.


I often get a very negative feeling when I think of ‘charity’. As somehow I believe ‘charity’ does not work, like just giving money or something ‘to the poor’. And I arrived at the subject charity as I offered to help a friend with his website for the SEMP Association. And no, my offer to help him was not really ‘charity’, but just like helping him with building a nice website as I can’t stand websites that are not built properly. So I offered to help him as a sponsor, which while thinking about it, just means I want something in return, that it is not just ‘giving’.

So when working on ‘charity’ of course when thinking about what inspirational quote to send today I searched for ‘inspirational quote charity’ and ended up on the page charity quotes. And seeing the quotes there made me realize that I am not the only one who has ‘problems’ with charity. And especially this one struck me:

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Teresa

As when talking about giving for charity I mostly feel obliged to just give ‘as one is just expected to give if others are in need’. And mostly that doesn’t feel good for me, especially as I am also much in need of especially money. And yes, I still have access to cash, so I can ‘give’, even money, but it doesn’t feel good to ‘give’ when I am getting deeper and deeper into financial shit with slowly an enormous interest burden, especially related to my current income. So anything I ‘give’ for charity just adds up to my future financial burden, as I need to borrow it, meaning I need, or actually want, to pay it back and it adds to my interest to be paid.

But let’s not talk about me and of course it’s okay to help people if they are in need, especially after some kind of disaster or personal mishap. And yes, I also do that, even in my current situation where I don’t feel comfortable in my financial situation. But I am starting getting more doubts about development aid or ‘giving to the poor’. As that just doesn’t seem to work. And while reading the quotes I also got some more clue why I mostly get an uneasy feeling if a rich actor or other famous person ‘gives for charity’. As of course it is easy for Bill Gates to give ten or twenty million dollar. He wouldn’t even notice as as far as I know he has much, much more. Where to me as of the moment it is very hard to give anything, as I don’t even have enough to support myself and my household.

And going back to the beginning, looking at sponsorship of course that is mainly in the interest of the sponsor. And development aid is as far as I know also not just ‘giving’, but often in the interest of the country or the companies in the country giving it. Like it has to be spent on certain things or with certain companies or within a certain country.

So it seems something doesn’t add up with ‘charity’. And of course I am also thinking about my ‘give and receive‘ idea.

So more thoughts to follow about this.

Post inspiration

Well, not really inspired to write a post right now. But I did work on the page Top Inspirational Sites, as that was something I planned for today, to add at least two inspirational sites on that page. And I did. And the main reason for that was that that page is the most popular page on this site. So it seems there is some demand for lists or evaluation of inspirational and motivational sites. So maybe that would be a breakthrough for this site, like also making some kind of ranking system based on the opinion of users. Something like a voting system. Should not be that difficult to program, but somehow I am also a bit tired of programming for this site, as nobody seems to be using the inspirational tools I have developed a while ago.

But yes, success seems also to have something to do with persistence and doing things you don’t like or something. So maybe I’ll work on some kind of voting system for inspirational and motivational sites. Yes, maybe just plan it.

Blog birthday

I was recently reading Leo Babauta’s blog and ended up in his page about the first birthday of zenhabits. And I was a bit jealous, or actually a lot, as I read that within a month after starting his blog he had a few hundred followers, readers. And right now, after almost one and a half year Inspiration for Success I think I hardly have any followers. And I know there are many reasons for that, like now it is 2014 and not 2007 (when there were hardly any bloggers and blogging was probably hardly known). And I am not, and have not been, pushing this site, this blog, very hard. And I guess I am not as good a writer, a blogger, someone with a lot of value to other people as Leo Babauta and many other successful bloggers are. As I just found what I guess is probably his most recent post, on the homepage: pushing past the dip. And it just reads easy and is inspiring, even though I might have been just impressed as it is based on The Dip written by Seth Godin. And that book and Seth Godin had and still have great influence on my, on my thinking.

But anyhow, my blog posts may not always be that inspiring, while thinking now I think this site is still some kind of masterpiece, even though it is not fully finished and of course never will be.

So maybe the big question is how I would get out of my chicken/egg problem of not having enough readers and probably not having any people using the inspirational tools I made a start with (and yes, they are working) and creating better stuff, spend more time.

Maybe the answer is pretty simple though. Maybe I should just do a little more effort and then everything will go by itself. Was already thinking about that, but I will plan something.

Thanks for listening.