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Earning as a blogger

Today I got an e-mail from Alden Tan as I get many. Often even e-mails with the same text with a different title, ‘as that works’ according to him. And his e-mail was about the commercial side of his blogging, the commercial side of blogging in general. That most bloggers earn from advertisements and people clicking on links. And ‘that works’. And I don’t mind, as I also earn from some of my sites, our sites (as most are earned by the company of me and my partner). And the last year the income from these sites were very welcome, looking at the financial status I am still in.

And his e-mail made me think, again, about this site. And yes, I know it has become some kind of personal diary, often of my problems and stuff, maybe even a site with my complaints, with me sometimes or often feeling a victim. So maybe my writing is not always that good, maybe it doesn’t really help people, maybe it isn’t all useful. But especially in the beginning I did my very best to also put more useful content, especially in the form of pages related to stuff I learned from the Principles of Success as described in Think and Grow Rich. And I started the IFS Tools, on my own in the end, as I couldn’t find any programmer to help me with it. And yes, I know they are kind of a draft, far from perfect and I guess for them being really useful they would need to be extended a bit. But when is good good enough?

Ah, and yes, I send a daily quote, now to around 150 e-mail addresses, partially from my initially entering e-mail addresses I had and found, but more recently from people signing up, as it is supposed to be.

So no, until now I didn’t earn anything with this site. And that bothers me. As either it is useless, except maybe for myself, or people just don’t care about the people behind many things like this blog, as ‘everything internet’ is ‘free’. And yes, I am also guilty of that, of using all kinds of stuff for free. As that is how the market works, first giving things for free, and in a later stage charge. Or just charge for additional stuff.

Well, the above makes me think again. As I still don’t understand how Facebook e.g. works. How can so many people use a system so much for free, presumably hardly clicking on advertisements, and Facebook still making a profit? Yes, maybe I still don’t fully understand what is real ‘mass production’ or ‘mass use’, the benefits of millions or billions of people using something. And even so, are we still willing to use services by paying for it indirectly, to especially the large companies paying for their advertisements to be put? Is this really the way how we want it? Should I really start putting advertisements here ‘because that is how the market works’? I don’t think so, but sometimes it is frustrating seeing ‘successful people’ and ‘successful companies’ earn so much, where I also do my best to put some value, even if it were just by sharing my thoughts.

P.S. I guess my request for a camera is still some kind of begging and maybe I should rephrase or just buy one, but is there really no one out there having some few years old decent camera he or she doesn’t use anymore and willing to send it to me?

Top inspirational sites

Well, it seems my page top inspirational sites scores quite high in Google. Or many people are searching for something like that relatively a lot. So maybe I should work a bit more on that to promote this site, as the inspirational, motivational and success stuff doesn’t really seem to work yet.

And still, not sure why I can’t find people to make something work. The last few days, weeks I hardly even got any further progress with my current large project, the largest project I have ever worked on. And recently hardly any new customers or work from current customers. And as I just wrote in my Dutch blog I am more and more amazed and annoyed how the world works, like paying spammers a lot and paying people trying to do an honest job not so much. Or is that just me?

And  yes, the more I think about it, it seems large companies with their policies and procedures seem to be in power at the moment, as today I had several experiences with e.g. bank procedures that are not really customer friendly, human friendly.

And still struggling with the current financial system, e.g. that ‘everything’ seems to be paid by advertising, not by paying for work that people actually do.

So well, maybe spend some time on the top inspirational sites stuff as I could use some inspiration myself right now.

Like cells in a body

I have been thinking a lot about humans and humanity and about the similarity of human cells in a body compared to humans in a, yes, what? And the question is of course if there is some kind of higher consciousness than ‘human’. And indeed, how would humans fit into that than? We all like to think we are unique, but if I look around I see humans, and many other things and creatures, just acting in the world like cells and all kinds of things in the body.

The strange thing however still is that humans distinguish something like ‘good’ and ‘bad’, which the more I think about it is a crazy idea. As ‘things’, including ‘living things’ just are what they are. And somehow the human mind, the human consciousness seems to have created some kind of concept of ‘good’ and ‘bad’. And it’s everywhere, in religions and I guess also in philosophy, although I am basically only familiar with the christian religion as that’s what I grew up with. But especially there, at the start, there is something like a higher consciousness, a God, who made humans ‘in his own image’ or something. And the story of creation in Genesis is indeed about the human ‘fall’ understanding ‘good’ and ‘bad’, meaning becoming like God, like the higher being, like the higher consciousness.

But then what is this higher consciousness? And how do humans fit into that? Are humans really unique or do also have cells in a body some kind of consciousness?

And all of this is related to something I thought about our financial system at the moment, where I think things are ‘wrong’, or maybe better stated, are not working, at least not for me and for many other people. So I was wondering if the cells in a body also have some kind of paying system. And my first thinking was ‘no’, as I never heard of anything like that. As it seems the cells in a body just seem to work together to create something like the ‘higher being’ man. Or, while writing, animal. And they just seem to do what they are supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less, without any apparent payment or ‘feeling bad’ or ‘feeling good’.

And yes, behind all this, behind this post is also the thinking of Abraham Hicks, that everything has a ‘preference’, that everything has a choice. And yes, that’s also what The Matrix is all about, the problem of choice. And that’s what also the bible and probably other religions are also about.

Anyhow, what I was thinking was if we couldn’t look at the cells in our body cooperating with each other and with the ‘higher being’, the human, to create, well, the human. As that system seems to be a much more cooperative system than ‘humans’ and ‘the world’. But of course I cannot be sure, as how would I find out if the cells in my body are happy or sad? They apparently exist on a different level of consciousness than I am, similar to probably consciousnesses on higher levels than humans.

Or are we just on the road to something ‘higher’? Is that why so many people feel ‘bad’, why so many people are unhappy?

As indeed, I believe happiness and cooperation are the key, are the things that should be. And not unhappiness or separation.

So yes, let’s look more how the cells and the body do all this. how they relate to each other and try to make life easier for all.


Lately I think quite a lot about how hypocrite I actually am, as I actually run an advertising company and do link building and stuff and yes, am also earning from advertising on the internet and sell links. On the other side I criticize companies, humanity for ‘paying virtually everything’ through advertising.

So yes, I understand it’s not that easy to change the thinking about ‘money’ and ‘earning’, as also I have to live, have to eat and as of the moment I don’t see much other ways than working and indeed, getting some secondary income from advertising and selling links.

And I also still have no idea how my ‘give and receive model‘ would actually work. As people want to distinguish themselves, e.g. through buying different hings, buying a bigger car and a smaller house or the other way around. And it would still be hard to see someone else receive the same amount of money or stuff (or more) and working less than you or me as of course our ‘earning model’ is rooted deeply in society and each of us.

So yes, I realize that there are very good reasons why our society, why our ‘exchange model’ or how you would want to call it, is like it is. And yes, it brought us where we are now, a world that somehow is ‘better’ than it was before.

But I still believe it needs change, indeed something like going back to a very early stage in human development, when there was no ownership of things and no money, just sharing. Or wasn’t it that simple also then?

Viagra and Cialis

Well, I felt a bit embarrassed. Or actually a lot. As I found that this site, an inspirational site and all supposed to be about ‘positive’ and ‘good’ things, was infected with a lot of spam content. And being a web developer and thinking I know a bit what I am doing of course that was very embarrassing. As it seemed to have been going on for quite a while and I didn’t notice it. Ah, yes, I noticed it a few weeks ago, that some posts had been changed by one of the other team members and containing some spam type content. So I just wrote him an e-mail asking him to check his computer and change his password. But only a few days ago I found how much the damage was and how long it had been going on. For month, and some things were even older, like a year ago.

So I started cleaning up, thinking it were only the recent posts being affected. But no, it seemed something like more than half or maybe even something like 80% of 90% of the posts had been affected with this, well, I would call it malware. And the posts were relatively easy to find, as most of them had the words ‘viagra‘ and/or ‘cialis‘ in them, even though I am not fully sure if I found all posts that had been affected.

And while working on removing this, from my point of view, unwanted stuff, of course I kept thinking. And one of the strongest thoughts around these kind of things is and was the thought of Abraham Hicks about ‘allowing others’. As even though I felt very offended by this, partly because it just affects this site in search and seriousness, I also realized that the people who put this, who wrote the programs and stuff to insert this, had put quite some effort, quite some time, meaning also quite some desire to make this happen. And of course I felt offended as I had to put quite some time removing stuff that someone put in MY site that I believe does not belong there, or at least I believe should not be there.

And next to this I was asking myself who is paying those people to somehow ‘advertise’ all the stuff that these insertions were all about. And yes, I also do link building like that for customers, writing articles about their products only to be able to put a link and try to ‘rank up’ the site of my customer. So yes, my customers pay me for things like that also, even though I think I am doing it in a more subtle, a more appropriate way. But while thinking I also thought the difference is not that big. As my ‘articles’ are basically also ‘spam content’ on the internet. And no, I don’t put content secretly, like the spammers did in this site. But still.

And another thing I was thinking about was how people who don’t know so much about these things, bloggers just using WordPress as a ‘blogging tool’  and trusting everything is ok, would deal with something like this. As they probably wouldn’t even be able to cut the inserted code out. Or may not even notice it. And apparently Google also didn’t even notice it, as I didn’t get any messages in the Google Webmaster Tools about this site being infected with spam content. So apparently Google ignores this type of content, as it is also not really visible in posts.

But the last thing I was thinking about was about Viagra and Cialis itself. About the apparent attraction those products have. And about the enormous ‘anonymous’ demand for these drugs that must be behind this. And of course that brought me also to my own sexual problems, problems that seem related to indeed the biggest human need I know, the need for sex. But no, I never needed Viagra and Cialis for sexual fulfillment or to increase ‘something’ that many people obviously need or want. But yes, sex is still my biggest driver, and with that my biggest problem, as it is a highly unfulfilled need affecting my life a lot as it is not in the way and the level I want it.

So well, a lot of thoughts, and at least inspiration for this article. But no, I don’t really get how we came here as humanity, inserting this kind of stuff in other peoples website and most probably even being paid for it. While the service I am trying to give, the services I am giving, apparently are not so much in demand.

But that’s another story.