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I was, and still am, a bit in doubt what to write here, as I had a pretty busy day ending with a few hours without electricity which is why it is pretty late right now. And my doubt is about whether I will continue with the next self analysis question or if I just write a short post ‘just to write a post’. But actually I decided already: I just want to write a short note here that at least I am alive and am still fulfilling my daily task of writing here, which has helped me to become more disciplined.

And it is strange writing about doubt here, as often when I am tired I am still in doubt whether to write a short post, even one line or something or just skip the day. And mostly I decide to write and often I write even more than I was planning to, just like now, but the doubt keeps haunting me and also confirms to me right now that I could just make a decision on that right now for future posts, for future days when it is late and/or when I am tired.

And somehow I don’t want to, somehow I can’t make that decision right now for the future, even though implicitly I already made it, as mostly I just decide to write, no matter where I am, no matter the circumstances and no matter what time it is. And I am thinking now about two weeks ago, when I was on holiday in Siargao and even a few days on a very remote island with virtually no internet access. And I did send the daily quote most of the days, but writing posts I mostly skipped as it just felt like ‘too much’.

And well, even today I was able to write quite a bit, much more than just the one line that I felt actually was appropriate for today. It does even feel likes it makes some sense, so not bad I guess. And the last ‘I guess’ of course includes doubt, which is to be avoided related to success.

Self analysis: question 2

I couldn’t really get going the last few days, including today, so I guess the best way to get out of that is just continuing with what I started last week, answering the self analysis questions from the last chapter of Think and Grow Rich.

But before going to that, the second question, there are still things in my mind, like why am I not moving, why do I, well, feel bad? And ‘they’ say it is all in you, in me, but it feels like some external force has taken over, that I am not supposed to do anything, that I am supposed to rest or something. So strange, and kind of contradictory, what is happening and what I am writing about, as I thought it all starts with me, with you, with desire and autosuggestion and such. But maybe this self analysis, this second question, will give more clarity, so let’s just go to that.

And the second question is “Do you find fault with other people at the slightest provocation?”. And I guess answering that, thinking about that may indeed give some answers. As I notice more and more that I blame other people and circumstances for the situation I am in, that I (still) act like a victim, that I still feel helpless, helpless in getting what I want, helpless in getting what I want in life, helpless getting what I want from life.

So yes, I often find fault with other people. Or maybe even always. Not sure if that is related to provocation or something, but I guess there must be something to that, otherwise Napoleon Hill wouldn’t have included that in the question.

I am turning that around by the way, the fault finding, as I see more and more that what other people do or want or think has nothing to do with me. So why would I feel provoked with anything someone else says or does or thinks?

And not sure what else to write, to answer related to this question, except maybe that I am thinking a lot about things like who I am and what I am doing here on this earth, in this life and if there is indeed some kind of Higher Power I have to answer to. But while writing the last immediately the question arises why I have been given the power of choice, or don’t I have a real choice? Yes, I have, as I could sell the house and immediately solve my financial problems, but I choose not to, as I believe things will be better, as I believe somehow I can turn everything around and stay here and enjoy and let other people enjoy.

But it has been too long, and I kind of gave up, although I am still doing things to make ‘it’ work, to get what I want. But I also didn’t give up, as I am still moving, still getting up, standing up, after falling down again.

But yeah, maybe the answer is indeed in some Higher Power, in Infinite Intelligence.

Late again, but satisfied

It is late again, but I am pretty satisfied as again I did all the things I planned to do, even though my visit to the city this afternoon lasted much longer than I planned and expected.

And yes, last weekend was a bit chaotic and I skipped one day my daily blog stuff, but I am still human and it didn’t make any sense to me to push myself to really do those daily things when traveling to and from a wedding and attending a wedding, combined with a visit to family.

And yes, Mike, I want to thank you for making clear to me that I am still human and that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to push things that just don’t make sense or hurt people, especially when they are sick for example.

But today I had no excuse but to finish what I planned, and as far as I know right now writing this post is the last thing on my list for today.

So after this I am going to shortly check my planning and see if I really finished everything that I wrote there and then I’ll probably rest a short while, just watch TV or something, and go to bed after.

So good night, or good morning or day or whatever, depending what time it is for you now.

I’m finished.

Inspiring post

Lately I’m a bit lost and confused. And when I am I often kind of stop doing things. And to get out of that often I write down things, make some schedule or to-do list. Or since I know about segment intending, I write down the next segments. Or segments for the day. And I even consider making monthly or yearly or lifetime segments. And doing that today, trying to make my day a bit more useful, feel a bit better, I created a segment IFS. And in this segment I am writing the English post for IFS. And I want to accomplish to write an inspiring post. And i want to feel that I wrote something useful.

So that’s why I titled this post “Inspiring post”. And so this is what the segment looks like:

Segment IFS.

In this segment I am writing the English post for IFS.

I want to accomplish to write an inspiring post.

I want to feel that I wrote something useful.

And the weird thing with this segment intending is that mostly, or maybe even always, I find afterwards that I indeed accomplished what I wanted to accomplish and feel like I wanted to feel. But writing it down so plainly now doesn’t make it easier, although maybe it is just inspiring what I am writing down here as this is really something that works and gives you some grip on your life, on your feelings when you are lost or don’t know what to do or are overwhelmed or so.

And I’m not sure about you, but I find myself often wanting to do too many things in a day. Like right now I would love to continue with the tools side of inspiration for Success, of this site, but I already planned quite a lot of things and one of the main things I planned for today is also some relaxation time. Some time tonight I want to just stop and feel free, feeling like I did the things I wanted to do, did the things that I am supposed to do from a spiritual point of view. As often I beat myself up so hard for where i stand, for who I am, for what I did or didn’t do.

And that just doesn’t make sense, as i’m just a human being doing his best, just like you. And somehow human beings have limitations they can’t bypass, even if they feel the want or need to. And somehow they are built to want that, act like that, bypassing their own limits.

And yes, that’s how humans are built, that probably even the purpose of human beings, passing limits and boundaries that realistically cannot be bypassed. But they did, and indeed prove day after day that something like impossible doesn’t exist.

Which makes me think of the quote “They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.”, a quote.attributed to Mark Twain.

A beautiful link

Well, today the e-mail of Marc and Angel brought me to this page: 12 Rules for Being Beatifully Human.

And often this self help stuff, these self help sites trying to sell books or other stuff are too much for me, but today I’ll just share the link and would recommend to open it.