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Dates in Desire Documents

A few days ago my Desire Document came back to me. And of course it did not walk to me or something, but I retrieved it from the pile of stuff that I had put in my prayer area, the stuff I didn’t know how to deal with anymore a while ago and gave to God, or The Universe, or whatever. And it has been there for a while and a few weeks ago even a disaster happened, as the dogs were put in that area as there was an event in the house and they had peed nearby and the pee had seeped into my pile of stuff, my pile of papers. And it upset me a bit, but I had not protected it and somehow decided to interpret that as some message of The Universe, so I didn’t really worry about it, although I was worried the papers to be smelly or something.

So a few days ago I felt like getting my Desire Document document back and start reading it regularly, which I did. And it was not smelly, just a bit dirty. And of course I could print a new version, but I didn’t as that was not really needed, didn’t feel right. And I had read it once or twice a few weeks or months ago, but at that time I put it back as it wasn’t the time to start reading it regularly. And the strange thing is and was that my Desire Document somehow is still valid. Especially the starting sentence I know by heart is just what I want, it’s just me. And also the rest of the document is still ‘me’ is still what I want, what I really want in life. And even though there are some paragraphs that don’t fully make sense or feel like needing some kind of change, the whole document is still basically as it was when I first made it and still feels like kind of being or becoming my life, as especially the last few months, the last year, one of the things stated in it is becoming true, where before I didn’t know what that statement exactly meant or how to achieve it as it appeared impossible, similar to most of the rest of the things I have written in it. But it is amazing how much this document, which is about one page A4-size paper long represents what I want in life and how to achieve it.

The main issue with it right now I don’t know what to do with are the dates related to my goals, as most of the dates have passed without the goal being achieved at the moment. And I found some ways around that by rephrasing some stuff and moving some dates, but it seems that is not the solution, at least the version of the document I found, that was in the prayer area, has some old dates which I changed a while ago, but it didn’t really make any difference to the whole document.

So I still don’t know how to deal with the dates in the document that have passed. And according to the ideas of Napoleon Hill it just means I have been defeated, it doesn’t mean I have failed, as I am not dead and all goals are still valid goals, technically achievable goals, even though some appear to have become impossible again after I made quite some progress with them.

And one of the options is to leave the dates and make some sentence around them and rephrasing them into new dates with related goals, but I don’t want to make the document longer. Actually it is already longer than I want. And I don’t really want to change it either and I also know that is kind of impossible, as the moment I made changes the document didn’t feel right anymore, similar to the phrase about what I am willing to give, a phrase I kind of regret as I stated it in a way of willing to give too much, looking back. And I made a small change long time ago to deal with that, but still, I can’t change the original ‘willing to give’ as I feel like I made the deal already with the first final version of the document.

So be careful when making a Desire Document about what you are willing to give, as I guess similar to me if you really want something you are willing to give anything or almost anything. And once stated it is done, the Universe will just take that as a truth and act accordingly.

So what about the dates? I am not sure yet, but one of these days I will just review the document and make some changes and read it again and see if I can get the right feel again with the changes. As I will just know, my subconscious mind will just know.

Self analysis, question 25

My deskI was just thinking I have a smartphone now so I can make photo’s, something I longed for for quite a while as before I regularly wrote posts where I would want to add photo’s about things I was writing about, like the view or the house or the surroundings or the water system. But since I have a camera (through this smartphone) I didn’t see any need for posting photo’s with any of the articles. Strange isn’t it? So even now I wouldn’t know what would be an appropriate photo for this article as I am still working my way through the self analysis questions, but who knows where this article goes, so maybe I’ll add something. And if not I am quite sure in the future there will be many occasions where I could add photo’s. Or maybe just make a photo of my desk right now?

And strange to see how technology evolves, as I installed Dropbox on my smartphone and allowed it to put photo’s I am making straight ‘in the cloud’. So while writing my photo’s are being copied from my smartphone to the internet to my computer, so they go a long way while the devices are just next to each other. And that makes me think about distance as recently I saw some shows on TV about the Universe. And the Universe is huge, meaning reaching anything even with the space of light is still very slow, where for humans the speed of light is unimaginably fast. So yes, in a way the distance my photo’s just traveled are very small compared to the size of the Universe, almost the same as the distance between my smartphone and my computer. Where to me the distance the photo’s traveled is enormous, as they probably traveled out of the country and back into the country, maybe even through the United States, which is fifteen thousand kilometers away.

Anyhow, that is not what I wanted to write about as I wanted to write about “Do you have a definite major purpose, and if so, what is it, and what plan have you for achieving it?”. And while reading this question I can straight away see a relation with the photo of my desk, as you may see that there are some photo’s around my desk that represent things I want to achieve. And on the window on the other side, the direction I am looking at, there are more photo’s and they are all related to my definite purpose or things I want to achieve.

So yes, I do have a definite major purpose and until now I decided to keep it to myself as I consider it something private, even though some friends may be able to guess what it is. And maybe you are able to guess what it is or could be as sometimes I make some statements about it in this site. And strange, as I always think I don’t have a plan how to achieve it, but somehow I have as there are things written in my definite purpose document I always relate to, so somehow my definite purpose is slowly being cut up in smaller peaces that are more easy to handle.

And funny, looking at the photo, as Iwa is sitting on the chair in front of them and she is the one I was thinking about when thinking about making photos with my smartphone and posting them in this site or my Dutch blog. So again, the subconscious mind or Infinite Intelligence seems to be at work here, tonight.

So what is my definite purpose about? Well, simple, about love, romantic love. And about sharing that in the world. And in order to achieve that I need money and fame. And I also found out that I just want to be rich, really rich and enjoy that. So somehow I also fitted that in. And somehow also things like giving are part of it, and being patient.

And yes, the strange thing is that since I started with that document, wrote the initial version and later refined it, somehow I am living it, somehow I am getting closer to my goals, to my definite purpose. And while writing this is that somehow Infinite Intelligence is helping me and answering one of my desires in my desire document. As one of my requests to Infinite Intelligence in that document is to help me with planning, as I consider planning one of my weaknesses.

So again, while writing this article I see my desire document unfold, come to life.

God is great! Thank you, Lord.

Updating my desire document

I just made a major update to my desire document. And I was scared doing that, as some dates had passed and I had not achieved the goals that were written by those dates, far from it.

But I had planned it for today, so I had no option but to do it. As I have decided to finish my daily planned items, no matter what. And yes, of course sometimes there are circumstances that I can’t finish it. Like when I am traveling (and as I also have decided not to have a tablet, not to have continuous internet access). And sometimes I forget to write things down correctly, like if things depend on other people and I didn’t write ‘if it pushes through’ or ‘if the other person agrees’. But in general it is very rare that I don’t finish my daily list. And yes, sometimes the list is empty, like when I know I am traveling or something.

But I don’t want to talk about my daily planning today, I wanted to talk about my experience with updating my desire document, an experience I was scared of.

And as usual I was wrong, being scared of something. As my desire document is there to help me and not to scare me. And it did, in an unimaginable way, for more than two years now. And I just checked the date of the original document that became the basis of my desire document, which is October 22,2 014. And the first ‘readable’ version must have been written November 11, 2014, so a little more than two years ago. And of course the major things are just there, nothing really changed, except that I kind of made it more specific, made it even much ‘tighter’ than the original document.

And I am still looking for words to describe what has happened to me, what an enormous power a desire document summons. As when I wrote down my original desires they were completely impossible, or at least they appeared, they felt impossible. And quite soon after the most impossible thing became quite likely. And over the last two years I slowly found myself living the document, which was and is kind of strange. As the document still contains a lot of unrealized goals and, as indicated above, I passed some dates for some important goals without realizing them. But somehow I am just living the document, living my impossible goals from two years ago.

And it is hard to explain how it works, but it works indeed somehow like influencing your subconscious mind. And I noticed that when I realized that when I first started with phrase like ‘I desire to have 1 million dollar’ (no, that’s not in the actual document, as I consider that private), when reading the document over time this felt inadequate, as it felt like it should be ‘I have 1 million dollar’. So in general actual the opposite happened as what I was scared of: I made the document more specific and more in the now than in the future.

So today I made some major updates, basically because some dates had passed. And strangely enough, the new document is more specific, more in the ‘now’ than the original. And no, nothing really changed related to my desires, they are still the same. They just came closer with this new version of my desire document.