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Yesterday I realized that for the last week or so I have been paralyzed with work, with the stuff needed to be done to achieve success. And the good news was that at least I really realized it, so I can do something about it. And it came to my mind that also Think and Grow Rich recognizes that you can be paralyzed. And in my mind is that the solution is to just start with something very small. Like with physically being paralyzed you could try with starting to move a finger, or even a part of your finger (no offense meant to people who are really paralyzed). And for me is just to restart my daily planning again, writing daily things I am going to do, something I couldn’t really get started for the last few weeks or maybe even months. And the good thing in life is also that you can just start again, all over again, no matter where you are or how stuck you feel.

So yesterday I started to write some little things for today. Just the things I had already planned in my head. And I added something for tomorrow, something very small and something with a lot of added maybes and such, but I added something work.

And the main thing I guess that made it feel different from earlier when I restarted the planning, like a few days ago I added some leaves of paper for additional days, is that I am really committed again to start it, restart it. So something I changed my mindset, my outlook.

And yes, I believe more and more also that you can’t force these things. There is something like Infinite Intelligence or God that needs to inspire you. Or something they call the Law of Attraction. Or something like desire.

So yes, please, do start, do start wiggling your finger or toe or whatever small body part when your body doesn’t feel like moving. But do start small and only do it when you feel inspired, as without inspiration or desire, no matter how much you want something and no matter how much action you put into something, it will only have effect when there is some positive force behind it.



The Shawshank RedemptionI was watching the movie The Shawshank Redemption again. And I thought I wrote about it before and I must have, but I can’t find the movie poster, something I mostly put when writing about it. But I couldn’t find it straight away.

Anyhow, The Shawshank Redemption is a beautiful movie, one of the best I know and it is all about the Principles of Success, like persistence and about the uselessness of putting people for a long, long time in prison.

And no, I don’t know what to say to people who have been victims, real victims of criminals, but somehow the movie points out that things change over time, especially over long time like ten, twenty or forty years. So should we really punish people that long, destroy their lives?

And I am especially touched by it because I also committed ‘crimes’ years ago, crimes I don’t know how to correct them. But does it make sense to punish me for that so bad while it is such a long time ago? And yes, I could commit the same mistake again, but don’t we have all weaknesses?

But again, a movie I can certainly recommend.

Self analysis, question 41

Hmm, interesting question today: “Does your occupation inspire you with faith and hope”? And the answer is yes and no as I have always, or at least mostly, worked with pleasure, but in the end most of the work I did was not appreciated by bosses or customers.

And I am still working, still trying to make things work, still trying to find something that satisfies me and others, but until now it seems I have not really succeeded with that.

And yes, somehow I have faith and hope that it will work out one day. As the founder of Dropbox said: “You only have to be right once”.

Self analysis, question 40

I never realized there were more than 40 self analysis questions, but I knew there were a lot. More than 40 is impressive though and there are still quite a lot to go.

Today’s question amazes me a bit though  because I already answered it, but apparently I didn’t, at least not in public, not in the site like I am doing now.

And today’s question is “Have you learned how to create a mental state of mind with which you can shield yourself against all discouraging influences”? And the answer is certainly no, as I am often pretty much discouraged. Although when writing this down I think I improved a bit, or even a lot, as slowly I somehow tell myself positive things when I feel discouraged. Like that I still have a lot of time, as ‘age’ is just an excuse (according to Napoleon Hill). And also that in the end with persistence you get quite far, as that is what I seem to read very often lately.

And I know I am persistent, so it is certainly encouraging to read that persistence seems to be one of the major things that helps one achieve success.

And yes, I am learning and developed some pretty good habits, and a good sample of the last is that I am writing here even though I feel very, very tired.

But the habit keeps me going.

So well, I am getting more and more confident that I will achieve success, in the end, even though a bit late. But as they say: “better late than never”.

Self analysis, question 31

I just read an early version of my desire document and I realized it is all about hope, at least right now for me. As I passed most of the initial deadlines and my biggest desire is kind of in ruins as of the moment, even though I decided not to give up yet to really achieve it.

And right now I am thinking how important it is to really read my (or your) desire document aloud twice a day or at least regularly, as it keeps your mind focused on what you want and how to achieve it and what you are willing to give. And I didn’t do that for a while as I was scared as some things start to take long, too long for me feeling comfortable.

But somehow just reading it right now again the whole thing just comes back, the thing or things I really want in life, the things I decided to do some two and a half years ago, starting from the ideas of Napoleon Hill. And somehow there may be a reason for reading it now, realizing what is going on now, as lately, especially the last few days, maybe weeks, I was very down and a bit confused, which seems to go back all to fear. And fear is what the end of Think and Grow Rich is all about, as fear seems indeed to be the biggest enemy of all as I see and feel now, especially the last few days, weeks, how destructive fear is or can be, as it seems most of my misery goes back to fear.

And also maybe there is a reason I am going through this right now, as Napoleon Hill writes that in order to conquer something we need to know all about it. And I am starting to know more and more about fear and I see more an more how destructive it is. So maybe I am given this period to write about it or maybe just experience it so I can work on overcoming it, dealing with it.

So let’s continue with the next self analysis question:“Has today added anything of value to your stock of knowledge or state of mind?”. And I think I just confirmed with the above that I did, as I know a little more about fear again and also what effect it has on my state of mind.

So that’s a nice end to this post where I though I was writing about something else than the subject I was planning to write about, but I was wrong.

And yes, maybe worthwhile to ask yourself this question every day, every end of the day. Which may even lead to a good start for the next day, to be aware if the day, the things you are planning to do or are doing, are adding something to your stock of knowledge or have influence on your state of mind. And if it is improving your state of mind or not.

So maybe something to print and put on your desk or your mirror so you can see it in the morning or if you are at work.