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Self analysis, question 53

Today’s question, “When others offer you free, unsolicited advice, do you accept it without question, or analyze their motive?, is something that is often in my mind. And right now I am thinking of some advice, or actually help, that someone offered me yesterday. And it was not fully unsolicited, but I didn’t like the advice as it was not an answer to the help I asked for.

So yes, often, or maybe always, advice or opinions given are probably more in the interest of the person giving the advice or help than the one asking for it or needing it.

And I guess I am more vulnerable to advice and opinion than I think, so I will think more about the reasons behind advice or opinions given.

Self analysis, question 25

My deskI was just thinking I have a smartphone now so I can make photo’s, something I longed for for quite a while as before I regularly wrote posts where I would want to add photo’s about things I was writing about, like the view or the house or the surroundings or the water system. But since I have a camera (through this smartphone) I didn’t see any need for posting photo’s with any of the articles. Strange isn’t it? So even now I wouldn’t know what would be an appropriate photo for this article as I am still working my way through the self analysis questions, but who knows where this article goes, so maybe I’ll add something. And if not I am quite sure in the future there will be many occasions where I could add photo’s. Or maybe just make a photo of my desk right now?

And strange to see how technology evolves, as I installed Dropbox on my smartphone and allowed it to put photo’s I am making straight ‘in the cloud’. So while writing my photo’s are being copied from my smartphone to the internet to my computer, so they go a long way while the devices are just next to each other. And that makes me think about distance as recently I saw some shows on TV about the Universe. And the Universe is huge, meaning reaching anything even with the space of light is still very slow, where for humans the speed of light is unimaginably fast. So yes, in a way the distance my photo’s just traveled are very small compared to the size of the Universe, almost the same as the distance between my smartphone and my computer. Where to me the distance the photo’s traveled is enormous, as they probably traveled out of the country and back into the country, maybe even through the United States, which is fifteen thousand kilometers away.

Anyhow, that is not what I wanted to write about as I wanted to write about “Do you have a definite major purpose, and if so, what is it, and what plan have you for achieving it?”. And while reading this question I can straight away see a relation with the photo of my desk, as you may see that there are some photo’s around my desk that represent things I want to achieve. And on the window on the other side, the direction I am looking at, there are more photo’s and they are all related to my definite purpose or things I want to achieve.

So yes, I do have a definite major purpose and until now I decided to keep it to myself as I consider it something private, even though some friends may be able to guess what it is. And maybe you are able to guess what it is or could be as sometimes I make some statements about it in this site. And strange, as I always think I don’t have a plan how to achieve it, but somehow I have as there are things written in my definite purpose document I always relate to, so somehow my definite purpose is slowly being cut up in smaller peaces that are more easy to handle.

And funny, looking at the photo, as Iwa is sitting on the chair in front of them and she is the one I was thinking about when thinking about making photos with my smartphone and posting them in this site or my Dutch blog. So again, the subconscious mind or Infinite Intelligence seems to be at work here, tonight.

So what is my definite purpose about? Well, simple, about love, romantic love. And about sharing that in the world. And in order to achieve that I need money and fame. And I also found out that I just want to be rich, really rich and enjoy that. So somehow I also fitted that in. And somehow also things like giving are part of it, and being patient.

And yes, the strange thing is that since I started with that document, wrote the initial version and later refined it, somehow I am living it, somehow I am getting closer to my goals, to my definite purpose. And while writing this is that somehow Infinite Intelligence is helping me and answering one of my desires in my desire document. As one of my requests to Infinite Intelligence in that document is to help me with planning, as I consider planning one of my weaknesses.

So again, while writing this article I see my desire document unfold, come to life.

God is great! Thank you, Lord.


My post from yesterday about my domain issue got a completely different turn this morning, or maybe this afternoon, as I was too scared to start my computer and open my e-mail the beginning of the day. And it confirmed that we are often ruled by our fear and not by reality. As I just found an apologetic e-mail in my mailbox that there were problems with this type of domain and that they were working on it and would solve it. And that apparently the support person I was chatting with yesterday didn’t know about this issue. So if I would just authorize the regular payment they would renew the domain with which the problem would be solved.

So I was actually very grateful for this event, as it explained a lot about my behavior and my fears and such about these type of events. And it taught me about responsibility, power, fear, guilt and more of these things. And the cost was zero, except of course my own emotional cost as I had not been as stressful as yesterday evening and this morning for a long time.

And I don’t feel like writing a lot right now, as it is pretty late and I also don’t have so much to tell, even though I learned a lot from this and would like to share more about what I learned.

So maybe think what was the main lesson. I think maybe something that we often live too much in the past, that I somehow relived and keep reliving some past event or events that turned out bad for me. And being human you tend to look for confirmation as far as I know. So I was just looking for confirmation for something bad to happen, for some bad turn. And not for reality, which was just a simple mistake that could easily be solved and probably is solved or about to be solved.

Have a nice day!

Don’t take no for an answer

I am getting more and more confirmed that a (first) no that you mostly get from people when asking something. And of course this idea goes back to the story of R.U. Darby and his uncle at the very beginning of Think and Grow Rich. And I didn’t really understand how it would work, as I often encountered “no’s” in my life and just took them for a no. And even when (stubbornly) trying to push something, the ‘no’ stayed ‘no’. Until recently, especially when I started working on my project Connect Mindanao and started sending e-mails to many people I wanted to ask for help or involve in my project. Or more recently, sending e-mails to find an initial investor or initial investors for my project.

And somehow something changed, as with these e-mails I decided to get answers from all people I tried to reach. And especially with this decision something changed. As suddenly e.g. I became more structured with keeping track of the e-mails I sent and the e-mails I received. And suddenly my approach to people became much more careful, more kind, more, I don’t know how to say, maybe just less stubborn, less controlling.

And it works, it pays off. As I learned more about persistence (vs. stubbornness). As I just keep going like sending follow up e-mails if I don’t get an answer or don’t get an answer that satisfies me. So I do get answers. And I get satisfying answers. As if an answer is not satisfying I just continue following up or asking questions or something like that.

Ah, and I can be very impulsive, so I developed the habit of not replying e-mails on the same day I receive them, at least if they are important e-mails. And I developed the habit of following up e-mails after two weeks if they are important. And I developed the habit of following up anyhow, even if I did not do so yet after two weeks, for whatever reason. So I do get answers. And I do get satisfying answers. From everybody I am writing e-mails or letters to. And that is very satisfying, for both parties I guess. As I get the answers, and the other party knows I am serious, that I am a person, and not some robot or something sending thousands of e-mails. Ah, yes, maybe last but not the least, I sent much less e-mails, as I am much more careful what to send and whom to send them to. As I know I am going to follow them up, as most have to be followed up. As most e-mails I send go to people who as far as I figured out right now, never reply to the first e-mail. Indeed, as some kind of persistence test. As indeed, also, described in Think and Grow Rich.

So don’t take no for an answer. But do it in a kind way. And make sure you ask the right thing from the right person.


Yeah, I guess my ideas are pretty communist. And I am not sure if I always have been. But yes, for a long time I have been annoyed with people mixing communism with the political systems in the Soviet Union or China. As to me they have and had nothing to do with the pure idea of communism of doing what you like doing and receiving what you want or need. And I never got how people mixed those totalitarian systems with ‘the state’ controlling everything with communism. As those systems like in Soviet Union and China were about control, where in my idea communism is about freedom.

And who would not want to live in a communist system where you just do the things you like to do and are provided with the things you need and want. But well, while thinking about it, maybe the people who want or need power wouldn’t like it. Or would they? Like is wanting power, wanting to control things, other people really a need or want of some people?

So do I want power? Well, I’m not sure, maybe. A good sample may be what happened earlier today. As one of our female dogs is in heat and of course the young male dog wants to mate, which is kind of funny and sad, as the female dog is a Mini Pinscher and the male dog is a Rottweiler. This of course creates technically a problem, as the Rottweiler is way too large to mate with the Mini Pinscher. But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about that of course the male Rottweiler is continuously chasing the Mini Pinscher, which is kind of annoying as sometimes they just sit near my desk, which caused them caught up in the wires of my speakers making my speakers fall on the ground. And of course sometimes I just get tired of all this, and especially when the speakers fell on the floor I got really angry. And yes, at that moment I wanted to control the dogs (exercise power), which I did.

So how would this work in a communist system? Would one still feel violated and want to exercise power in that case, even if one is not power hungry, needy or ‘wanty’?

Not sure, looking forward to your comments.